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Denver, Colorado
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Researching a top line cooler

Greetings. It's time to upgrade my cooler and I only want to do it once. Engel and Galaxy seem to put out worthy products, however, the odd dimensions on a couple of Yetis are going to fit my frame better.
I am looking at a 105 qt Tundra that will fit adequately for around $425 delivered vs. a 120 qt Roughneck that fits my frame a little better for approx $365. Any further opinions? Does anyone own (now or in the past) both of these? Is the Tundra that much better than the Roughneck, so as to justify more money for less capacity? I did see one earlier thread on this, and am looking for fresh/additional opinions. Thanks.

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Durango, Colorado
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Don't have much experience with the Roughnecks, but I've got a Tundra 120 and couldn't be happier with it. Did a 4 day, 100 degree San Juan trip with it, very poor cooler management (in and out for beers all day long, no precooling) and still had ice at the end of the trip. With proper cooler management, I would comfortably say it would last through a grand trip. Customer service and replacement parts are top notch and easy to get, which is more than I can say for other companies.

(Disclosure: I do work for a Yeti dealer, but love my 120 and would choose it over any other cooler even if I didn't sell 'em)
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Louisville, Colorado
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I just got a 105 tundra. I haven't really had a chance to put it to the test yet, but I am looking forward to Deso-gray trip soon. Things I am excited about:
*the handles are nice
*I can lock it shut to keep my beer safe from humans and bears
*seems to stay quite dry
*sturdy big hinges that run the length of the cooler
*built in strap size holes on each side
*it fits in my kinda skinny boat

I am not so excited about the front latches, kinda wish they were sturdier - so I guess I will be using the strap points and lock points to protect the goods. Ask me in a few weeks if the food for dinner 5 was still frozen, I bet the answer will be yes. I am sure the roughneck keeps things cold also.

I don't like the looks of the hinges on the roughnecks, and I don't think they are certified bear resistant.
E.T.A. It seems as though Yeti is phasing out the roughneck (listed under "older models")which could make parts harder to find in 5 years.
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boulder, Colorado
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Do NOT buy from Galaxy Coolers. They are not honest business people. They owe me (and others) for a refund. They only are interested in you if you order, but they lack any basic customer service.
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Down by the River, Idaho
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Galaxy is a WAY better cooler than the Tundra. However, Yeti's customer service is unquestioned. I've done a Grand Canyon side by side comparison. Galaxy hands down. However, once u get the cooler you got to know that may be the last time you hear from Galaxy according to some posts. Galaxy has different dimensions but... Damn, they are cold! I'd trade a 120 tundra for a 120 Galaxy any day.
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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boatmusher, when you say side by side comparison, what does that mean, did you compare it apples to apples in terms of use, equal cooler management, etc?

I have both a Galaxy and a Yeti 120, and while I have used the Galaxy, I have not used my Tundra yet, just bought it 2 weeks ago and it seems bomber. The Galaxy is smaller (40qt) and I use it on road trips with ok results, not spectacular by any means. The drain plug leaked so I had to add an extra O ring to get it to seal, plus the ice melted pretty quickly with moderate access.

Galaxy's problem in my opinion right now is cash flow. In order for him to order more 125 quart coolers right now means he has to order a minimum pre-paid quantity with the factory that pours the mold. He doesn't have it. I think.
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Down by the River, Idaho
Paddling Since: 2004
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Posts: 197
Grand trip in March 2009, four ppl, galaxy 165 was our meat cooler. Yeti 120 was spare ice. Day 9 Yeti was 75% full of ice after bein hurried under pacos and unopened. Galaxy at Diamond had 75% ice left, day 21. We opened that cooler once a day every day. Also buried under pads.
Maybe Galaxy has consistency issues. However, that trip made me a believer. Figure that is why Brady, Cieba, and all the other outfitters (that I know of) use Galaxy. That being said... I'd inspect the shit out of a Galaxy to make sure everything worked properly before purchase. I've heard to many similar stories like yours about how lids don't seal correctly, plugs, etc. (Easier here bc I can go look directly at them in Durango.)
Yeti coolers were designed by rafters and it shows w bad ass bells and whistles. However, seems like Galaxy was designed by ppl that know how to keep ice frozen, when functioning properly.
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Marty at Galaxy guaranteed that I would have the cooler that I ordered in Dec, by the end of June. Still don't have it nor has he contacted me about it. I think that he should at least call me and give me the latest excuse. I just hope that I get something, some day because I know I will never get my money back.
Karma is like this: If we set causes in motion the effects come back to us.
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Denver, Colorado
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Again, due to dimensions, I am not really looking for comparisons between Yeti and Galaxy. I am comparing a Yeti Tundra with a Yeti Roughneck...
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St George, Utah
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I have had both the roughneck 125qt and the Tundra120qt I love them both however the Tundra is about $100 more. The Tundra is a couple inches wider so I say go with what fits your frame setup the best. Either way you will be happy and they have A-1 customer service, I took both drain plugs out after my last trip in 09 and forgot where the hell I put them.They sent me 2 plugs overnight n/c
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