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Remix 69 or 79? ( I fit both)

Hi all,
Hello from the UK! I've been learning at my club for about 3 months and now want to get into WW, so I'm demoing a Remix 69 on Saturday, and I'd appreciate a little advice as to whether I shoudl get that or the Remix 79. The reason I'm asking is because I weigh 224 lbs, and I'm 6' tall. I've sat in a 69 (in a shop) and it was great - comfy and a really good fit. The weight of a 69 is 130-240 lbs, so at 224 lbs I'm near the top. The range of the 79 is 180-280, so I'd be in the middle (roughly speaking).

My question is this - from a paddling point view as a novice on WW, would I learn better in the 69 or the 79? - I'm assuming i'd be lower in the water in a 69, but I don't know what difference that would make!

If someone is able to specify what advantages/disadvantages I'd have in the 69 and the 79 that would be a great help.

Cheers, Peter.
P. S. Congratulations on a great forum, by the way

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I like having more volume, so I would go with the bigger boat.

Smaller boat in theory will respond and turn easier and quicker than the big boat. The larger boat will ride higher in the water, be a little faster, and plow through things.

Some would make the decision based upon the water they will be paddling if it is tight and technical lower volume creeks/rivers than the shorter boat might be the way to go. If you ever wanna pack gear and overnight, the larger will have more room for that. Paddle both if you can to see if you notice any difference in them.
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Hi there.

Can't answer your question but I thought I'd say hello because I'm originally from the UK and I used to live in Sheffield. Didnt paddle much there, but I did make it down to the national whitewater centre in Nottingham once.
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I'm 5'11", 185lbs. and I'm in the 69 and I find it to be a perfect fit and it floats me high in the water. At your weight I would get the 79. but don't take my word , You should go to the source and ask on the liquid logic forum where you'll get a answer from the guys who designed the boat.
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I started in a 59 and then bought a 69. I'm 5'8 and 200. The volume of the 69 was a much better fit. Floats me higher, rolls easier, and allows more control. Don't forget to think about what you weigh wearing all of your kit and any other gear in your boat i.e breakdown paddle, first aid, H20, etc.

I think you'd be happier in the 79.

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Thanks a lot for your ideas on this, guys - appreciate it. It's sounding to me like I need to be in a 79, though I'll aim to try both. If anyone else wants to chime in, then feel free.

(I've registered on Liquid L's forum but they are taking ages to activate my account, so I can't post there).

Cheers, Peter
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I've paddled both quite a bit. I'm 5'9" and I weigh 180 lbs. I find the 69 works better for me although the 79 works for me as well. The isn't much difference in the length and therefore the handling and speed. The key difference will be in the way the boat floats you.

The 79 is designed for a guy of your size. As a general rule I never try to be at the top of the weight range for any boat and being in the middle is perfect. Also great points about what you displace with all of your kit on and your safety gear in your boat. W/out question I would recommend the 79. Great boat overall too. Does every aspect of river running well and is the perfect beginner boat.

Disclaimer: I am associated with Liquid Logic and believe they make the best boats available. But as you will soon find, many non-LL associates also believe that the Remix is one of the best beginner boats out there.
Evan Stafford
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i personally feel like Liquid logic estimates their weight ranges low which would put you in the the 69
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I assume by "estimates their weight ranges low" you mean the more accurate range would be higher than that listed? I haven't found that to be the case for me. At 155# I found the normal sized Jefe and Remix 69 to be right in the sweet spot for my tastes. The only place I think they might fudge is on the extreme ends of the weight ranges for marketing purposes, which would again point you towards the larger size. That would be my vote. Also agree strongly with the statement of: not liking to ever to be on the upper end of the weight range.
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The 79 will work great for you.

Sorry about the LL Forum we have had some problems with it the last few days.

You could go either way but I would lean you towards the 79 especially as a learning boat I would go with the larger design because it will take care of you a little more.

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