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Vail, Colorado
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Recoil vs Fun vs RX vs CR

I paddle a 70 gal river running boat (Burn) that I really like, but I am looking for something with some play capabilities to switch to when the water gets lower. A river running/play boat. I am 5'10", 160 lbs. All-day comfort and fun, friendly performance are priorities for me. I paddle low class four water. I am considering Dagger RX, Jackson Fun, Pyranha Recoil, and Liquidlogic CR. Are these pretty much all the same? In most of these it seems like I fall at the top end of the small model range or the bottom of the large model range. Any advise/opinions on these models or sizing?

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I learned to paddle in a Fun. I am 5'10", 165 lbs, with a 32-inch inseam. The Fun was comfortable all day long; I never felt cramped in it. It has enough volume in the bow for bigger water, but it can stern squirt easily and is a surfing machine. Cartwheels and bowstalls were impossible for me to do with the larger bow volume.....but it is this larger volume that gives the boat comfort.

Keep in mind that the outfitting of a Jackson boat is different from most other boats.....I love the happy feet and sweet cheeks and the lack of metal/plastic parts. Others don't. This may impact your decision.

I recently switched to an All Star for more playability, and for river running or bigger water, bought a medium Burn!

Friends of mine love the Recoil. A lot of folks I know have told me the CR is harder to roll than the Fun or Recoil, but I think those were people who were relatively new to paddling.
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I own a 4Fun and have paddled a CR250 so I cant speak for the other two. The CR has a more even volume distribution but for me it was not playful enough it seemed to do a lot of things mediocre but nothing real well (at least I couldn't get it to). The 4Fun however can get a little grabby on the stern because of the lower volume there but I found it fit me better and was easier to get it to do the things I wanted it to. It is a fantastic river runner that is forgiving with a lot of play potential and will satisfy anyone who is just starting to learn some play moves. Have you considered a fuse I know it is in that same category of playful river runners and I would put it somewhere in the middle of a fun and a cr as far as easy to paddle/roll and fun to paddle.
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Vail, Colorado
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Thanks for the excellent info.
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I demo'd the Fun and the CR250 and ended up buying a CR125. I am 6'0, 180lbs with full gear and 33" inseam. I had been paddling a Bliss Stick Super RAD 180 but I wanted something a little more comfortable and stable for river running/play. I found the Fun to be very playful, but not very stable and I really did not care for the outfitting.

The CR250 seemed just too big so I ended up with the CR125. I agree that of all the boats I have owned (Redline, Id 7.0, Burn, RAD 180) this is the hardest one of all to roll. I belive that I had gotten lazy with the RAD because it was so easy to roll that I developed some bad habits.

So far my relationship with the CR125 has been mixed. It is a really stable boat but I can't seem to get some of the vertical moves I had with my other boats. The outfitting is great and it is very comfortable. I guess I just need more practice with the play side of the boat.
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If you get a chance you should try out a wave sport fuse. I have one and love it. I find the fuse to be equal to the 4 fun in comfort. I also find the fuse to be a better surfer than the 4 fun and, for me, easier to roll. Also I find your legs sit in the fuse much like the burn (I have a medium burn) makeing rolling them similar. I had a terrable time rolling the 4fun in flat water and with the fuse I can hit a combat roll in dowd at 5 ft (Also there is something to be said about feeling comfortable in a fuse in dowd at 5 ft, not to much though cause my buddy takes his 4fun down at the same level). Lastly, jackson boats tend to be fragile. I have two buddies that between them have three jacksons (superfun-blue, 4fun-blue, mega rocker-orange). All three boats cracked after accouple months use. Granted the boats were used nearly everyday but really . . . all three of them? Jacksons warrenty replaced all three boats, but if you dont use it often (or buy a used one) it could take accouple of years to crack and then what?
Try the fuse its a sweet boat and a good choice if you like the burn Also keep in mind that you will learn to paddle any boat you get if you put any effort into it which begs the question, does it really matter?
Im 6'3" 185 and I fit in a fuse 56.
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