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Question about crossover

Getting a little long in the tooth, so I am thinking about picking up a downriver boat, getting rid of my Jackson 4fun and my Pyranna. Thinking about getting a LL Stinger or Remix. My goals are just to get down river or get exercise on lake. Maybe also do a bucket list Grand Canyon trip. Any thoughts or recommendations? My wife of 3 years is going to just want a stable boat. Opinions wanted?????



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My name isn't Will
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Have you heard that Dagger is making a 30th anniversary edition of the RPM? Get one!
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Try a Jackson Kayak Karma Traverse.

Holds more gear than a longboat, and maintains a great compromise between speed and maneuverability.

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Remix is the best all around river runner. If you want to do self support, you may need a different type of boat. The Remix has enough room for an overnight.
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I paddled a remix 69 for perhaps 10 years (bought on 2nd year they were out). Very very good river runner. Sometimes it was a bit hard for me to carve back when trying to surf a fast wave, but if get situated on the wave it's a great surfer....and IMO that's important with a river runner. I little more edge would help.

I chime in because I'd like to make it clear that the remix 69 is an excellent kayak to self support out of. I've done up to 5 night with no problem. I think I could do a week. I think many others would agree.

These boats should cheap on the used market....they are here in Boise. Worth considering unless something else just looks more fun....i.e. stern squirty.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, appreciated.
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What level do you paddle rivers at? Is her boat for the lake only? You should get a dynamic duo!! Hardest part would be loading it on the car. Your 60~ ish married for only 3 years? Get a duo, neither of you would expect what comes next. It’d be great for lakes and overnighters and down river she gets to go too! Duo it! Live a little.
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I second getting a crossover boat- something like a Jackson Traverse or Karma RG. The crossover boats can still paddle whitewater, have plenty of room for multidays, and many have a retractable skeg. The skeg is AWESOME for helping the boat go straight. When I'm paddling around on a lake, I find that the super turny whitewater boats use a lot more energy just to keep them straight.

I own a Karma RG for luxurious multidays (so bringing a break down fire pan, folding chair, full tent, maybe a soft cooler with ice, groover tube if required, etc) when not going ultralight (sleeping under a tarp) or running rapids I find challenging. It's a blast, and makes camping w/ the gf much more civilized. Fast on whitewater. Goes straight on flatwater.
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I have tried crossovers

I have tried most of the available crossovers, most dont do anything well, either WW or flat water. I just sold my Stinger due to its weight and high volume nose that plows like a bath tub. I have set a self imposed weight of 55lbs to make loading onto my pickup roof rack relatively easy. (I am 54 years old)

I am have ordered a Soul Waterman District 11, it is a cross between the LL Stinger with a nose like a Pyrahna Speeder. I have not paddled it yet. It is primarily designed as a down river WW runner, but video of the boat on flat water looks like it moves pretty well on the flat. It has a skeg like the Stinger, and weights 20lbs less. I have hope that it will be better than an average crossover in WW, and be acceptable on flat sections.
I wish you luck finding a true crossover, I have not been satisfied yet, hoping the district 11 is the right mix of designs for me.
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