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Prijon Pure review

Demoed a Prijon Pure today on Lower Big Sandy at 5.7 ft (low flow). I am 5-8 ft 170 lbs class 5 boater and I paddle at least 2 days a week. I am not sponsored and I do not work for any outfitter or store. I usual paddle Jefe for creeking and Cerro for river/creeking run. I am currently on a market for a new boat and I was planning to buy another Jefe.
But I wanted to look into Prijon boat for the HTP plastic. I have a prijon release that have been used by Stephen Wright and has been beaten but still paddles great. Also I bought a new Delirious which cracked at the seam which prijon gave me a new boat for replacement so I knew their warranty is world class. Usually Creek boats last 1-2 years only with usual creeking use but Prijon/Eskimo Boat usually last twice or triple that period. My cerro has lasted me 7 years of very abuse boating and still does not leak.
First Outfitting. Very simple out fitting and very easy to change. We moved the seat forward, pulled the foot rest back and added more hip pads to fit my short Asian body and it took may be 5 mins. It will need more out fitting to be perfect but you can easily paddle the boat for weeks with the basic out fit. Plus the foot rest is also on the pulley system which feels weird first but if I piton the boat very hard it will have a lot of give.
Handling. First there is a lot of rocker in that boat. Very easy to turn and catch eddy but also picks up speed very fast. When you first jump in the boat it feels very corky but that maybe due to the rocker on this boat. Boofing was very easy due to rocker of the boat. One bad thing about Hercules was it dove under holes. Pure will jump over holes and also keep your face very dry. The deck V-shaped so sheds water and also help resurfaces very quickly when it dives down.
Stability. Very stable and more stable when leaning it has a very strong secondary stability. It was very easy to roll (but I am coming from jefe too so every thing is easy to roll).

Cost 1299 dollars Ouch….. But if it lasts 4 years and resell for 300 bucks it will be 250 dollars per year or Jefe 1100 dollars new and in 2 years resell for 300 bucks or 400 dollars per year.
Conclusion. It is a great creek boat with strong plastic. In a long run it will be a wise investment for me so I am calling my dealer tonight.

Nori Onishi
Morgantown WV

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