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Poison Ivy Protection?

What soap works best? I want to try the soap on skin before the portage method. I've tried the extra layer then pack it out in a garbage bag that worked good. I want to find out? Pagn' Milo...I've heard you had sucsess with the dishsoap method? What kind did you use? I've also heard tales of people trusting the wrong flavor of soap and suffering.

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Lavendar bath oil doesn't do much for the PI, but it leaves my skin with a silky smooth glow that lasts all day. I know its a splurge, but I figure what the heck, I'm worth it!
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Not really what you're asking, but I used Technu afterword if I know I've been exposed. It may function well before a portage as well, I believe it brings oils to the surface.
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I ran Black Canyon recently and the poison ivy was in full bloom. The plants had berries the size of moose balls hanging off them. I avoided the tree-sized PI as much as possible but inevitably got some of the oil on me. I hiked in shorts, my dry top, life jacket, and helmet.

When I got to cave camp I left all of my gear on and rubbed Technu over my helmet, lifejacket, drytop, shorts, legs, kayak, and paddle. I waited about 5 or 10 minutes then jumped in the river and washed everything. I then took off all of my gear, dried, and did another round of Technu.

I didn't get any rashes. It's definitely worth spending a few bucks to avoid a week of scratching.

On a side note, one of my buddies had to hike out at Locomotive on Giant Gap on the North Fork of the American in California. As he climbed out of the canyon, he had to grab hold of poison oak. Well, at some point he took a piss and got the oil on his dick. He's allergic to the stuff and had to be hospitalized. His penis swelled up to the size of a pumpkin. The nurses and doctors were so amazed that they took pictures of him to include in medical journals and brought in interns to see the monstrosity.

He would have given his left nut for a bottle of Technu.
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H2 Hoes
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ran it last weekend rinsed off with soap in the river at cave camp. Now i got the ivy rash on my hand, ankel, hip. upper thigh, belt line and ass. its great scratching my ivy butt all day in the middle of class. get in there
West Slope
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Pizza grease is the only thing that really works.
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Thanks Fullmer for the lovely mental image. I need to go bleach my brain now....
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fwiw, wearing a magnet (cheap credit-card-size type is fine) helps reduce sensitivity to poison ivy; I have worked on that issue a fair amount, muscle testing with a chiro.
I like the idea of pre-soaping though; esp with a full drysuit or drypants.
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I will second the Tecnu product!! I am very allergic to PI and have had great success with applying Tecnu either before or after exposure--then following with a wash/rinse. Follow directions on the bottle and you'll be amazed at how well this product works. I don't endorse many products, however this one is a winner--at least for me.
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where do you find this Tecnu soap?
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