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pfd advice

I bought my old lotus pfd for four fish tacos from a latvian and love the fit of it, but have noticed some ripping on the back toward the bottom. first, wondering how important it is to replace it with the rips. Second, do you guys have any suggestions, I have looked into the stholquist descent and the green jacket for a serious upgrade. I really just don't know what I am looking for I have always had shitty pfd's.thanks.

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If its old enough to rip then you should get rid of it anyway. They dont actually float forever.
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If you're not sure if you need a rescue vest you probably don't need one. I've found that the simple and inepensive NRS vests are pretty high quality, though they may want six or seven fish tacos for a new one...

Get rid of the old ripped one, you'll find out it doesn't float when you don't want to find that out.

That said, you do have a great opportunity to find something made in the US now. The Green Jacket LE is the only American made vest I know of. Anyone know of another?
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Have the green jacket and love it, agree with Randady though about the rescue vest, take a rescue class and see if you want or need one.

Kokatat says all of their dry suits and paddling suits are made in the USA on the home page for the products on their site. But it does not specifically say that for PFD's on the site like their suits.

But if you go to a retailer that sells them like REI or they do state the product is made in the USA.....
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If you ever do any commercial boating any tears in your PFD are illegeal. Even if you are not commercially boating you probably want to replace it anyway.

I would agree with Randal with the rescue vest. If you do not think you need it or have not been trained on how to use it...don't. That said if you think you may eventually get trained it SWR then buying a rescue vest and just taking out the rescue part until you know how to use it is never bad.
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Thanks for the input, I am just starting to get into more serious runs and I have noticed that most everyone I boat with has a rescue vest. I am really looking for something that is comfortable enough to guide in every day during the summer, but still solid enough to trust in any class V situation. I have heard that if you are using ropes in the river you should have a rescue vest for safety reasons, but before I shell out $200 (closer to 35 la luz fish tacos) I just want to be sure I am not wasting my money. If i get the chance I will look into a swift water class, just keep putting it off.
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Sent you a PM.
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I am begging you to get a new PFD ... I will even pitch a la luz taco!!
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The rips will definitely get it rejected by any ranger who inspects it at the put-in for a permitted run.

If you are seeing a lot of rescue PFDs on the runs you are doing then it is probably time to get one. Learn the basics of its operation and don't ever use it for tethering yourself to runaway boats and you'll be fine.

I like having the rescue vest. Number one most common use for me is for someone to clip onto my back while I lean waaaaaay out over something scary to do something dangerous
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The Stohlquist Descent is an awesome PFD, The wrapture fit makes it fit perfectly from day one.

That said, you're getting great advice to take a class before using it to it's fullest potential.

Here is a video review and pictures of the Descent Ross Herr Kayaking
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