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Rainy Northwest, Washington
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Nomad, Mamba or Diesel?

Looking for a boats for me and my son. He's a beginner. I boated for 13 years,. but stopped about 15 years ago. My last boat was a Perception Pirouette. I'm a big guy, so it will be an 8.5 in the Daggers, or a Diesel 80. Right now there are local deals on Nomads, Mambas and Diesels. I'm hearing that the Mamba is more of a beginner boat, and that maybe there are issues with the Wavesport plastic? Suggestions?

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Not sure about plastic issues, especially if it's for a beginner. They are all ultimately from the same manufacturer if I'm not mistaken. My 06 Diesel has lasted just fine with moderate abuse. The Mamba and Diesel will have the edges which will enable your son to learn sharper turning and to lean properly. The Nomad will be slipperier into eddies and less precise. The nomad is really designed for large drops and soft landings. Really, I'd go with one that's comfortable for him and that he can grow into.
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i would hardly say the mambas a beginners boat as much as its just the most widely used boat to teach begginers in. the reason why is because its tough, handles well and has a great roll. i think a mamba would be a dream first boat, it would easily go as far as you could take it (IV-V) with a smile on its face. the nomads the most used and copied creek boat on the planet- the older ones kinda have a leaking issue , but anything 2010 or newer works great. (i have a 2011 nomad 8.1 and its freakin sweet). i havent heard anything negative about wavesports plastic. i see em all the time on the river, and the guys who have em, love em.
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I am a bigger guy and a beginner as well. I have a Jackson Super Hero and love it. It is very forgiving and rolls well. I paddled a Mamba 8.6 one weekend and did not like it. It just felt long and bulky. It is only about 6 inches longer than the Super Hero but it made a difference to me. Anyway the one thing I know everything seems to be personal preference. I would say get out and demo a few models. Good Luck.
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I had a Diesel for 6 years and beat the snot out of it and never had and plastic issues. It is a great boat, easy to roll, comfortable, and a great all around boat. Highly recommended!
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Wow, just did the same thing. I bought the diesel 80. I ruled out the nomad because I really wasn't going to be droping 20'ers or running tight technical creeks. Plus I noticed that when I did get stuck in a hole, I was usually there for awhile and had less control. Also I felt that the Mamba and Nomad were a tighter fitting boat. I really liked the Mamba, but the diesel won out in the way my ass fit in the boat and I have a px48 so the simular outfitting out weighted the benes of the mamba to me. Everyone is built differently and even thou dagger and WS are made by confluence, they are different boats. So, I say buy what ever boat you like the best for your own reasons no matter how stupid they are because people who like thier boats, boat more often and have more fun even if its old and beat up. That is what I have noticed on the river.

PS, is it just me or does the diesel 80 "look" like a mini corsia s from the top. The lines and molding remind me of the old days in a WAY better feeling boat..
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Hadn't been my Diesel long but I'm loving it! Wavesports doesn't have any issues with plastic that I've heard about.
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Ridgway, Colorado
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I just went from an Ammo to the Mamba and love it! Forgiving, fast, stable and rolls easy - its a great river running boat whatever skill level.
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Conifer, Colorado
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I have a Diesel 80, no complaints. The outfitting is great, no issues with the plastic.
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I have a diesel and love it! No plastic problems and love how easy it is to roll and the edges are great for quick responsiveness. I love how I fit in it as well and would recommend it for a beginner in a heartbeat.
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