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Bozeman, Montana
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Need advice on a new boat

I'd like to get back into a kayak and I've decieded to buy a new boat.
I paddled for several seasons back in the 80s and had fun , nothing scary but l really enjoyed it. I moved back to Hawaii in 92 or 3 and well didn't run whitewater again.
My goals
Run fun class 3 and not get hurt (ambitious shit huh)
Looking for a stable forgiving boat doesn't have to be special.
Don't wAnt to pretend iam doing extreme creeks but I was looking at creek boats for stability?
Iam looking at a karma demo.boat for ok price but iam 5 5 145 so it's a small and that puts me at the top of the range? Does it matter for my mickey.mouse goals?
Another recomendation was a.mamba 7.6 and I'd be more in the middle of that one but I'd have to buy it new and of course I don't have to have the best because iam old and I 'll probably suck at it for awhile. I'd take any other recommendations to, I don't have a favorite or a preference just have one boat shop and those are what I tried on. Gotta be better than the overflow I learned in right? So if you have similar story or your willing to share your expertise id be thankfull. Iam getting pretty stoked to try it again and have some money just wanting to be spent. Thanks charlie

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Carbondale, Colorado
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Liquidlogic Remix 59 is a great, stable boat which is a great river runner. Mamba 7.6 also would do what you want to do. It's a bit slower and more of a creeker. Before you buy a Jackson boat, mess with the outfitting--some people like it, many people (me) hate it. The Dagger Axiom is also a fun river runner.
Unless you are running creeks, don't get a creek boat. Get a river runner (above). They are very stable, faster and more responsive.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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I agree with JB - look for a river runner. Not only are they stable and made for running class III /IV rivers as you've described, but you'll have more fun doing it. If you're running class III, you'll probably want to play a little. Creek boats aren't much fun to play in, but with a river runner, you'll be able to surf waves and holes a better.
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Bozeman, Montana
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Thanks for the replies! I'll ask about axiom and river runners instead of creekers . These guys are pushing a fun real hard but I just can't wrap my head around the strange little thing. I bet it's just fine and better than all the old school stuff. The re mix looks cool too. Probably really doesn't matter for me or my local rivers but iam a little over searching for boats used. I found alot of play boats or old creek boats but not a river runner. There's a a couple on c.l. I'll research. Found a super hero but I dunno? Found a karma with a crack for 150 bucks but seems like they arent repairable? Think ill buy a new or demo just easier to know what iam getting. You think the weight thing matters to a guy like me? Thanks again Charlie
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Yes, I think weight matters. You should ideally be within the middle of the weight range for a boat, not too close to either end.

The Fun would probably be a good boat to learn in. I think that was Eric Jackson's idea for making it.
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Bozeman, Montana
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Well shit iam confused now, to many choices! I'll re think it I guess. I can get a fun for cheap seems like a lot of them around second hand. Called on one for 200 but it was a 4 fun so too big.another for 400 but like green and I stoped being cool 30 years ago.maybe just a boat and not worry about it . I just didn't want to be to tippy at first. Even though I had a good combat roll before Ian still kinda being a thing bad about my pro shop is the kids working there are skiers!? And they just could care less , nice but not boaters even though the shops owned by Evan Garcia's family. Iam pretty sure he would help if he wasn't paddling off a waterfall. I'll go back again and see if I can find something more begginer friendly. Thanks!
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My name isn't Will
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The Dagger RPM is a tried and true design, and lots of fun. Fast! Surfs on auto pilot. Fits a wide range of paddlers. Stay forward on eddy lines or you get a lesson in stern squirts.

They made a lot of them, so they are for sale frequently. I think they are still made for schools, but generally not for the public. Dagger did release a Limited Edition version in 2013 that actually had modern outfitting. I had to buy one, and I love it as much as the first one I bought a couple decades ago.
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I've noticed that people who never go through a tippy phase, tend to have weak rolls. If you want to be sure your roll is solid, you need to either get on water that tips you a bit, or pick a boat that makes easier water harder to stay up right. This stage of progression has lasting effects. When you know your roll is solid, and always there for you, it gives you a lot of confidence when you start progressing to harder water.

Then again, you don't want to choose a boat which will discourage you, and cause you to swim a bunch.

If you are fairly fit, I'd say, go for the Fun. If you aren't, pick a more stable boat. It seems that people who are fit, don't get out of breath as easily, so they stick out a few missed rolls, and they also tend to have an easier time getting up right as well.

If you do have ideas of doing Class 4 + in the not so distant future, you'll probably want a creek boat at your disposal. That either means you buy 2nd boat or replace the 1st one. That might also dictate what you purchase.
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Bozeman, Montana
Paddling Since: 1988
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Posts: 71
Hey thanks again ! I went ahead and got a mamba 7.6 from 4corners from their demo fleet (on sale today) I bought it mostly because they were really awesome to me and it wasn't to much. Got the boat and a skirt and with shipping a little less than here. Pretty stoked to give it the onion! I used to be able to roll up no matter what but I was younger and like I said I never did any hairball stuff. I swam alot to when I started (4 buddies , self taught ) so I kinda know what to expect. I'm hoping these new boats will balance out my age lol! Stoked to be back in the river! Gonna train for it so my dry top will fit!! I'll keep my eyes open for a more playfully boat second hand too. Can't have enough cool stuff right. Who knows maybe I'll tackle bigger water but I can tell you I'll be smiling on our little class 3 anyway.Thanks for the tips and time. Charlie
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pnw, Washington
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I think you will be happy with that choice.
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