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Eden, Utah
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Need a new paddle...suggestions?

So I was driving from the take-out to the put-in on my local run today and I didn't secure my paddle in the bed of my truck very well. I checked my rear-view mirror halfway up the drive up when I heard something rustling around behind me and my paddle was in the wake of my truck cab literally ghost paddling in the air before it decided it wanted its freedom for good and flew 20' into the air before landing into the oncoming lane of traffic. I prayed to god no cars were driving down the canyon before I could find a place to turn around but alas, two ginormous fucking trucks rounded the bend and I knew that my old Lightning was toast. I flipped a B, when I could but by the time I got to her, she was splintered and dead Sad day for me, she's seen me through some good water...

But now it's time for a new one and I want some suggestions. Bent or straight shaft? Any brands you can suggest? I read a lot of people using "AT". I haven't known anything other than this asymmetrical Lightning for the last 15 years so anything I get will be new to me.


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Buena Vista, Colorado
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Hands down, Werner straight shaft Powerhouse. I bet I see them 5:1 on the river, and for good reason.
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Abron Cabron
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Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico
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That Sucks!!
A blue and yelllow lightning was my very first paddle, way back when.they were awesome paddles.

So without out throwing too much shade at AT, cause i hear they paddle beautifully, (til they break)

Consensus is Werner for sure. they are super durable. I wont buy anything else. as bomber as it gets. try bent shaft if you have any pre-existing wrist issues. straight shaft if you are an aggressive paddler with good wrists.

Shogun Carbon bent shaft is my next upgrade, pulling the trigger soon.
Paddle Details | Werner Paddles

If you are a smaller framed person Stikine is the smaller version of the same design. I have had one for 6 years now, its just starting to feel small. (werners tend to diminish in blade size over time. wear and tear vs snapping in half. although obviously it can happen to any paddle. 18 wheelers are a constant hazard too, though, you never know... )
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Eden, Utah
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Originally Posted by abron View Post
18 wheelers are a constant hazard too, though, you never know... ) true, so very true.

I just ordered a werner from backcountry. thanks for the tips guys!
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Steamboat, Colorado
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I'm holding off for the new Seven 2 that Soul is bringing back. Hopefully soon.

Rapier Kayak Paddle – Soul Waterman

I've tried a couple different Werners and I'm not really all that impressed.... on the other hand my boyfriend loves his Sherpa...
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Werner or die.

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Confluence, Pennsylvania
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nice... werners are good

Werner makes a great paddle. I just got my first Werner after 15 years of paddling and I love it.
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Riverdale, Utah
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You didn't mention your height, paddling level, type of paddling etc. I prefer AT bent shaft paddles; maybe I am just too used to them after years of use, but the Werners just don't have the same catch for me. Paddles are kind of like boats; its all about personal preference and what you like. Demo, borrow, swap with your buddy on the river for a bit, try a bunch. Some people love wood paddles.
I love the flex of my old AT bent shaft. The current equivalent is ATX Flexi. It has massive blades, which are great if you are a larger guy and want the power. The flex is easier on my elbows and wrists, but the blade size still gives plenty of power.
AT has a paddle guide where you can plug in what kind of paddling you want to do, and it will make a recommendation.
Products | Adventure Technology
I am 6'2" and the guide suggests 200cm, although I normally paddle 197cm. I find the standard 30 degree offset works fine, and I am used to it. I also have a 15 degree offset, AT2 Superlight 197cm, which is a sweet paddle, the slightly smaller blade size seems fine.
The Werner Powerhouse is definitely popular, and you will see a lot of experts using those red fiberglass blades, carbon/fiber shaft; a bit heavier than full carbon, but stronger apparently, and costs less. And if you lose a paddle, losing a full carbon one is even worse.
Another thing to consider if you are paddling more committing runs with a breakdown paddle in your boat; a common breakdown is the Werner 4pc Sherpa, straight shaft. Its almost impossible to find a bent shaft breakdown, or an AT breakdown, unless you make one yourself. Whatever breakdown may be on your trip, its worth paddling with enough to be used to it, in case you are ever forced to use it on a hard run.
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You only live once and there way too few true Master Builder's left in the world. Buy a paddle that you pass onto your children and grandchildren with pride- buy a Jim Snyder wood paddle at RivrStyx by Jim Snyder | Custom Wood Paddles. You can always buy a beater paddle if you are rough on stuff, but RivrStyx are art at your finger tips.

RivrStyx by Jim Snyder | Custom Wood Paddles
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Sumas, Chilliwack, BC
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I have a regular powerhouse 197 R15 and it is pretty much the river standard other than length and feather. The player and Sherpa designs are good to. My son picked up a Galasport Manic paddle this spring and it is way better than the Werner designs IMHO. It is slalom inspired and made for Sickline so it has it's purpose as a race paddle but he uses it for everything slalom, creek and play.Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByMountain Buzz1463184153.067235.jpg
Views:	174
Size:	205.1 KB
ID:	11512 price was similar to Werner as well, maybe 10% more.....

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