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Need a New Drytop

Hey guys im looking at getting a new drytop I have been looking at getting either Kokatat Rogue or possibly the IR Comp LX I was just wondering on which may be a better pick I know kokatat is the or one of the only companies to use gore tex still it is 3 layer where as the IR is 4 i was just wondering thoughts to which may be a better choice...

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I have the Rogue and would highly recommend it. While I am sure some will disagree, I think that Gore-Tex is one of the few fabrics out there that is really hard to duplicate and normally worth paying for.

That said I have an IR short sleeve semi dry top and its awesome too, so I know they make quality products. Should be happy with either, but since your asking for recommendations go with the Rogue.
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I got my Rogue in '04. After a hundred + days if was getting a little leaky its 4th season in '07. I sent it in for new gaskets and they leak tested it and patched +- 10 pin holes. It is still going strong, and kept me dry yesterday as is started it's 7th season.

Kokatat is great, both in initial quality and longevity, as well as customer service.

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Also look at the new sweet drytop it to is gore-tex pro shell i saw one wed at cks and held up to the rogue and looked like it had better thought put in to making it.I have a IR X-jacket have had no problems with it if i could choose between the three i would get a sweet.But with that said shop around for that amount of money $400 is alot for any drytop.
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I would go for the rogue. kokotat really takes care of there customers
I've sent in my gortex top to them for warr work and had it back in a week in the middle of kayak season. While IR is a very good company and makes good products,
Entrant is not as good as gortex no matter what they say. I've had two
Entrant products and have been very unhappy with there performance over the long term. Entrant works for a couple of years then looses its water resistance. Sure the performance numbers look good when the fabric is new but it will not stand up to the test of time.
Also I have had products manufactured from companies that have gone under and Gore stood behind there warranties many years later.
David H
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Try the PeakUK

I really like Kokatat products, but I would suggest that you look into the PeakUK drytops. My first drytop was an IR, loved it but by mid season second year it lost any waterproofness that it had and I had all kinds of problems with it, was told that it wasn't a warranty issue that I had just used it up. I have had a peakUK top for three years now, with easily 200+ days on the water and have never had any problem at all with it. I accidentally left it in my car last summer and melted the neck gasket closed, called up peakUK to order a new gasket and he gave it to me for free, my screw up, and the company still took care of me. I am going to treat it this spring with a DWR spray just to keep the water beading up and running off. It has been solid gear, the company is great to work with, and it comes in considerably cheaper than the rogue. You can check it out at CKS.
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Kokotat. Ive been an unsatisfied NRS dry-top user for years, and Ive borrwed friends kokotats, and everytime im bone dry. So, for this year, im going to drop the bucks to get my own. It makes kayaking that much better, you know youll stay dry. Do yourself a favor and go get a new shiny, darn expensive kokotat.
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Question. I have a Stohlquist top that has kept me dry for 4 has recently started getting wet around the elbows, enough that I get cold.
I went in to CKS and they showed me a couple of products, one that you wash the top in (like a special detergent), and then one that you treat it with to refresh the waterproofing.
I was also looking at the Rogue.
I have liked my Stohlquist, and if it can be saved for a few more seasons, would like to....but at the same time I don't want to waste the money on these treatments (and a new neck gasket), if they don't work.
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don't forget about bomber gear, He makes some very nice drytops. My wife has one and has now complaints. If your a small or an xlarge you can even get the 2008 stuff for 180.00
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lmyers, have you filled the sleeves with water to check for pinholes? The wash in stuff won't help with pinholes, you'd need patches to fix holes. The spray stuff just makes the outer layer water resistant again, Bob tried some spray on stuff on his Stohlquist and it did not work anyway - of course I am not certain he followed directions on the bottle.
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