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Machno sizing

Interested in the Pyranha Machno. I'm 6 foot 4, 185 pounds, size 12 feet. I've heard some say large, and that the medium will be too small. I've heard others say not so. Thoughts? I'm coming from a Pyranha Karnali (L) and Dagger Nomad 8.5, paddling class IV. Also looking at a Mamba 8.6.

My feeling is to go for the more modern design (Machno over Mamba), and that I really don't want anything to do with the large Machno because it's enormous.

I'd appreciate some input on whether or not the medium Machno would be an okay fit given my dimensions, and then whatever else you have to add on the Mamba as an alternate, and general ideas.


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Grand Junction, Colorado
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Large for your size I wish they put height in the sizing of kayaks just my two cents and just curious why do you like the brand? the seat is hard as a rock good luck!
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If you're a large in the karnali and like it, probably best to stick with that size. Just curious, is the Dagger phantom on your list at all? My buddy boats it and he's up in the clouds just like you and loves it. He does have smaller feet though, which could be the reason for large boats. Good luck with your purchase!
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I had a similar dilemma with a Jackson Nirvana (after switching from a Mamba). I started with a large which felt enormous and hard to move around on and off water. I went to a medium, which I am much happier with. The medium is a tight fit, but far more maneuverable and lighter to carry around. Paddle both sizes before making your decision.
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I easily fit in the large Karnali with the seat in the middle, and compared to the large Machno it is nowhere near as large. I also fit the Dagger Nomad with the seat in the middle and there's still room in the front to push the bulkhead further forward. Here's a comparison:

Karnali (L): 80 gallons, 8 foot 5 inches long
Machno (L): 98 gallons (!!!), 8 foot 11 inches long
Machno (M): 81 gallons, 8 foot 8 inches long

Mamba (L): 89 gallons, 8 foot 6 inches long
Nomad 8.5: 78 gallons, 8 foot 5 inches long

Obviously different boats, but looking at the above I think I would fit the medium Machno alright. Its not even as big as the large Karnali. And the large Machno? That's just ridiculous. But that' just what I think, I don't actually know.... hence seeking input from y'all.

Thanks again
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Carbondale, Colorado
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I totally get where you're coming from and like the math going into this. The concern to me is that the dagger boats are wider in the knees than the Pyranha's. Both companies have very different seated positions, so the gallons, width, length only goes so far. If you can fit in a medium machno, that's probably the one, but comparing it to a mamba is pretty iffy in my opinion. Sit in boats, paddle them if you can, and enjoy the water!
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I have similar dimensions. 6'4" 190lb and size 12. I have 34 inseam. I ended up in the lg machno. I would agree with LLubchenco. It's about how you fit. I paddled both. The medium paddled great. At my weight it was sportier than the lg. I just couldn't stay in it very long. The seat was in the middle and the braces all the way forward. I would have had to move the seat back and still tweak the thigh braces. That in my opinion would put me out of balance in the boat. The lg fits great for me. Not as sporty but still fun to paddle. i also do some self support so for me the extra room is great.

Good luck
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Durango, Colorado
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I had a L Karnali, then a Mamba 8.6, and now have a Phantom. All good boats.

The Machno has questionable outfitting, no warranty, and you are between sizes.

The Daggers have all day comfortable outfitting, a good warranty, and both would fit you perfectly. Get a Mamba if you just want a big, stable platform, or a Phantom if you want something with more performance that will be a bit more of a challenge to paddle.
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I'm your same size as well and ended up in a large Machno after paddling both. The medium was a fun and sporty boat, but overnight gear plus big water would have made it a nightmare.

I've demoed the Phantom and wouldn't mind buying one the next time I need a creekboat. It seemed like a good balance for my weight and I can fit my feet in it with creek shoes.
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