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look like I found a place to convo with like minds.

New member to the forum and the kayak world. Will be gleaning the forums for info and tips. Have already ran into a few snags but needed a place to share and vent. I was surprised how hard it was to leave a honest comment in other forums. No one wants to see a bad light on the hobby.

Ok flat water and fishing is for me. Kayak is a economic option and keeps me close to home in water I can now access. I like to camp and such but getting up there in my years and health issues will keep me on flat water. Day trips and BBQ right?

So my first purchase was not researched. I had a really bad summer last year when a fishing friend introduced me into a one man pontoon float. Tracking and paddle selection and water safety was first things I learned about it. Caught more fish off the bank last year sad to say. High point of the pontoon boat was I actually flipped it in the water end over end and not sideways......in front of park ranger.......park ranger fished me out of drink......enough said.

So Im walking through a major chain outlet store that sells fishing stuff. I see this kayak, and its on sale. Like fire sale prices and it was just setting there smiling at me. So what the hell, never have I picked up a boat so cheap, and it was new.

Now the fun begins as I realize I have to get this home and to the lake eventually. I have all the safety stuff just need a paddle, and the education begins. Im also a youtube junky so getting info was easy. But it all leaned one way and I was glad I found a happy place.

If your still here lets talk about the shiny new purchase. Its short and fat like me. It fits into the family SUV, on the inside. So far so good right.....I can almost hear your laughing. At time of purchase things like pole holders and bulkhead access plates was not a concern, it came with none. Did not even think about a paddle. Who knew a paddle was going to cost me more than the boat. But I dont buy junk, usually anyway. Its Red, big hole to get into so no problems there right , loooool. Yes it is also a sit in kayak ha ha. I havent even got this red speedo wet yet.

So after a few days of watching some vids on accessory's and upgrades I start making even more purchases. Cause everything is a upgrade on the speedo. Now I could end it here but why stop having fun. I hesitate to share the rest as I dont want to put a bad light on a store or manufacture of the kayak.

It seems the modern kayak have come a long way in design and I am pretty sure I will be able to work with the big red speedo. If not for what Im about to share, I would not even be on the forum. I only share it as a primer to anyone who buys a kayak, as your life may depend on it.

Before I lost the ability to work or at least keep up the fast pace I was keeping. I worked in the manufacturing industries and went where the money was best. I worked mostly for fortune 500 companies so trust me if I tell you something it is the truth and not meant in a bad light. I would not want to discourage anyone from getting a kayak as it sure the hell beats setting on a log right?

So during a inspection of the inside hull to see what if any access could be added like hull access and rod holders. I seen what appeared to be plastic chips inside. I tried to sweep them out but they were actually stuck to the seam of the bow. I quickly realized I was looking at regrind and a very large repair covering over two feet of the hull seam.

Regrind is a recycled material used in the manufacture of HDPE products. its like pulling a empty gallon milk jug out of the trash and grinding it up and making a kayak out of it. No way of saying it, so Im just putting it out there and leaving it there. The regrind on the big red speedo was same color so it had already had dye mixed in, meaning they ground up another boat from same lot to make this repair. Mixing dye into HDPE is a art, and I would even have trouble doing it at the big red speedo factory.

I share this so folks know where and how to look. If your in the market for a kayak, dont be cheap like me. I am happy with the purchase, but please take a flash light with you and look it over top to bottom. Also look at options, like pole holders or hull access. Dont settle for a cheap paddle unless you only float a few hours at a time. I go out all day, wind or rain, and if fishing is good dont get out of the water.

Also know the difference for your needs, such as a fishing kayak and a sit in kayak. Learn stability and know your gonna get wet. Also dont believe the hype. I was very disappointed by the manufacturer lack of response to my concerns. I have no trouble bolting a very shiny stainless steel plate with words ouch on it and ask me to let folks know I dont like being taken advantaged off.

This is for a person who has never worked with HDPE, it can be ground up and re used, its a green foot print also. Even though plastic is the most poisonous thing in your home we have all come to accept it uses. No matter your choice your gonna either kill a tree or kill a fish. But I am the guy who takes home a bag of trash from the lake that isnt mine when I go.

I did not see a spot for fishing kayaks here but not the best at navigating this type of forum. So Im using the wrong kayak for the wrong purpose. I amconcerned about stability. But Im gonna fish, in the big red speedo anyway. I keep it simple socan live without the accessorys.

Now before I void the warranty as Im not giving the boat back to be sold to a unsuspecting guy or gal. Or even worse someones child to die in, as I could not forgive myself even though the store or kayak maker doesnt care as you just dont over look a two plus foot poor repair. I could use some suggestions, even if the big red speedo ends up at the bottom of a deep lake. Maybe some arm floaties lol.

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I can't tell if this is meant to be serious or sarcastic.....
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Let's focus on one question at a time. Do you want to float fish? Where? When? Solo? Actually, that is several questions I guess. Maybe I should learn to focus. How can we help your interests Casca? Perhaps fewer issues and questions at a time. You have come to the right place, I think.
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Originally Posted by daairguy View Post
I can't tell if this is meant to be serious or sarcastic.....
Do you like riverboards? Chinese restaurants?
Do you drain your cooler?
Do you like gladiator movies?
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Ha. Couldn't save as it was only 2 characters vs. 3 or more requirement ... AI there too.
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Originally Posted by MT4Runner View Post
Do you like riverboards? Chinese restaurants?
Do you drain your cooler?
Do you like gladiator movies?

Couldn't help myself. Please carry on.
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