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Liqiud Logic CR 250?

I am thinking of getting the CR250 to use as a river runners/playboat. Anybody have any reviews/comments on this boat?

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I fit the CR125, not the 250 but here's my take on the CR's. I was in the market for a river running playboat this year and narrowed it down to a CR125 and the EZG50. I demoed both and hated the CR and loved the EZG. I demoed the CR125 on upper rustic and felt that in trying to make a jack of all trades they ended up with a boat that did nothing well. Not only is it too big to play well, but it actually made river running more difficult as well. I found myself bracing constantly when I was trying to set up for something. The outfitting is great and the boat is unbelievably comfortable. Another nice thing is I've never been in a drier boat in my life.

The EZG50 on the other hand is absolutely amazing. I came from an EZ so maybe I'm just more use to how wavesports handle. Not only is the EZG a way better player than the CR but it is a way better river runner too. It's not nearly as comfortable as the CR but way more comfortable than my old EZ (which is the main reason I got rid of the EZ). The main thing though is how well the EZG river runs though. I took mine down Pine Creek at 1500 (IV+/V-) and Gore at 1200 (V-). I was amazed how well it handled these runs. While I was having trouble on Upper Rustic (III+) in the CR, the EZG just styled these runs. I have normally spent 95% of my time in my creekboat but with the EZG I'm going to be doing more larger volume IV+/V-/V runs in the EZG.

My advice, demo both the CR and EZG before settling on the CR250.
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The EZG50 is a great boat, but I would also try the Jackson fun series I paddle a Jackson Fun and love it. It plays great and runs river well. I think the CR is too big for play I thought it was a great river runner but thats about it. Give the Jackson boats a try you'll love it if your looking for a riverrunning, playboat.
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I own a CR250 and I do think it's a great boat, but I'm not an expert paddler by any stretch. I have yet to get my playboating skill where I can do anything but stay upright and up-river.

As for river running, I thought the CR250 did a good job, but I did come to the realization that I need to drop 20 pounds to get it to be an ideal river runner. I'm 6'3" and 240 at season's end.

I think the boat braces incredibly well - my brace came a long, long, LONG way after getting used to the CR250. I think the only reason it squirted so much on me was my back-end weight, but I did pretty well in for a second season guy.

Next year I plan to move up to Class IV, and when I do, I do plan to have an actual river runner. But for runs I know well and for the Pueblo Playpark, I'm quite happy with the CR250.
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LOVE my CR250........I ran just about everything in it this year and felt great, extremely comfortable (which was one of my primary goals). I couldn't fit into a 125. I was considering an EZG 60, but once I tried the CR, I was sold. The EZG wasn't going to be nearly as comfortable for me (6'2, 220, 12). Plus, I heard of and witnessed too many problems with the EZG's. I love the play of the CR, never really felt labored to do anything. Flat-water cartwheels have to be a little more precise, however.

Love the CR250........punched some beefy holes, surfed and played my ass off. All the while VERY comfy.
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I should have prefaced that by sharing that I learned to "playboat" in a Wavesport Z.....which by today's standards is beastly.

It's the skillz.....not necessarily the equipment. Same thing with ski's/boards.

I say demo a bunch....see what feels best for you. You will adapt your skills to fit your style, boat, etc......
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perfect boat

hey man i just got to sit in the boat today and it was the most comfortable boat i have ever sat in! im deffinetly gettin it!
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