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Jackson Superstar vs MonStar

I'm 6'1 235lbs fairly new to kayaking but I'm looking for something to grow into for play boating. I've found a used 2008 Jackson Superstar and a used 2010 Jackson Monstar. Wondering if anyone has any thought given my size and my lack of skills! Thanks.

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Abron Cabron
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whats up our Canuckistani Neighbor -
so by your weight, superstar will be fine, but it might suck for your height. you would end up with no foam up front and cramped feets.
for 6'1" i think a Monstar is the best bet. also more volume for downriver safety. another plus is there was a redesign on the star series in 2010, making it a MUCH better boat. IDK if the Monstar was included, but if so, that is a vastly superior boat. JK boats vary by year of redesign.... I have a 2012 superstar, (2010-2014 is same series.) and It is the jammy..one of the best playboats ever for both down river and play-ability. , and its plenty good for my marginal playboating ability...
I am heavy for it, at 240-250, but if i dont load too much kit in there, its all good. an oil can oktoberfest once put me over the happy balance level on the fractions, and had to be dispensed with posthaste, but that is another story....
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The MonStar is a HUGE play boat - 73 gallons total volume. I'm 6'3", 33" inseam, size 12 shoe, 265 lbs and the Monstar always felt really big in the cockpit area the dozen times I used one. For reference I mainly paddle a Jackson SuperFun (70 gal volume) which is also a big kayak, but not as big as the MonStar.

Try both the SuperStar and Monstar if you have the chance, or at least sit in both of them. While the Monstar will make down river running easier, that all may be offset if it feels harder to roll due to the increased size (cockpit height, boat width, etc).
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Abron Cabron
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Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico
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true.... I have always liked JK's generous size and weight range, but in the case of the Monstar and Karma L... i guess they are truly gigantor boats....
well then as Curtis says, got to get in and demo them to really see....!
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i paddled the 2010 series Superstar and loved it, fast on waves and downriver, but still slicy for playing in features. I was drawn to the Monstar for comfort reasons, at 6'8" 210lbs, 36" inseam, 14 foot. It's super comfortable for me but the tradeoff was it is slower downstream. It always feels big and wide but rolling and playing aren't any harder then used to be. I'm on the low end for the weight but I guess my extra height may compensate for leverage to help in those areas.
If you can get both on the water you'll know straight away.
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While I'm sold on Jackson boats for playboating (I have a '13 Superstar and '14 Rockstar), maybe look to the Wavesport boats for in-between sizing. I found the Wavesport Project 64 and Project X 64 felt bigger and roomier than the Superstar, but not nearly as massive as the Monstar.
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