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Antix issue

Hello Mardaver,

First...I am curious as to where you live & will be doing most of your paddling? And what is your goal with this boat in terms of what kind of water you will be paddling?

I wouldnt get too hung up on Jacksons stated weight top & bottom. You mentioned your weight but not your height. Have you sat in both size boats? If so; which felt more comfortable? I just bought the Antix. I am 6'3" 215 lb. I had to get the large because of my leg length not necessarily due to the weight issue. Sometimes it just depends on how playful you want a boat to be when pushing the weight limits.

Feel free to call up Jackson directly & chat with them on what they feel would be best. I certainly did. I have been paddling a Superstar & SuperFun for years now & have been very satisfied boatwise & with their customer service. The guy I talked to had paddled alot of the same water as I had back East & out West so we were able to compare our paddling styles in order to select properly since I wasnt really going to be demoing prior to my purchase,

Good luck.

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Don't buy a boat you've never paddled.
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As far as the Antix goes - you are definitely a large.

I'm just a bit bigger than you and I paddle the large. However, I wish I could paddle an XL, but they don't make one. It's a great boat, might take a bit of practice to be able to dial your stern squirts in, but you'll love paddling the large and at 185 pounds, it's sized perfectly for you.

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In my opinion there is a few things worth adding that might help the OP and anyone reading this.

I want to say, I feel for the tall thin people who want to paddle playboats and creekers alike, by the time you fit your legs, usually the volume is too much.

Pyranha is the best fit for tall and thin people.

With that said, there are a few things that have been overlooked these past few years in kayaking.

Custom outfitting.

I know lots of paddlers that have had to cut down foot plates and make changes to factory outfitting that allow people to trim out a boat better or fit in general.

Specific to the antix, it has a wide hull and is relatively short compared to an axiom or ripper. However, there are smaller foot plates that can be put in place of the supplied plate in the boat.

Years ago, Jackson would offer two foot plates for their boats. A smaller one for tall paddlers and a larger on for short paddlers.

They have since done away with that and there are fixes for this.

If you remove the foot plate in a medium or large antix you will see it can be trimmed down and will add 2Ē of foot room.

Also you donít need the 3Ē thick foot foam. Cut the thickness in half and get an extra 1-1/2Ē

Now weíve just added 3-1/2 inches more foot room, thatís a lot.

Notice Jackson has a foam bulk head. You can trim heel cups into the bulk head or cut a small section out entirely.

Believe me when I says Jackson kayak fits the best range of people, and most folks arenít aware of how adjustable they are. Shops donít care to put in the work to help people get fit well in a boat and some how paddlers have gone away from taking the initiative to figure things out.

Granted, these mods are not suitable for class 5 hard mans kayaking.

An antix is suitable for all grades of kayaking, but in reality no one is really running pinny manky big drop shallow landing shit in an antix.

Most folks want to run class 3-4 and do some stern squirts.

I have cut a heel pocket, trimmed my foot plates and cut my foam block in half. I paddle class 4 in my antix I have pitoned and taken hard hits. It is fine.

To the OP.

Get a medium, make some adjustments and youíll love the boat!

Have fun, and to all the tall thin people.... I feel for you. You all are the hardest demographic to fit.

I am fortunate, Iím 6í3 280 size 14 shoe
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I paddled the Axiom this winter and felt it was generally smoother and faster. I was able to stern squirt both, but the Antix was much more difficult to hold up. I believe this was due to the larger rocker. This being said, I am going to continue feeing out the Antix this season. I have not paddled a medium.
Good luck!
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Originally Posted by twmartin View Post
Don't buy a boat you've never paddled.
^^ </end>

sage sh!# twmartin. im amazed at how many people think they can by pass this step. Its the only step that matters.
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Wow...lots of great suggestions! Thanks to everyone who posted!
I agree it is always best to demo a boat. I live 2 hours north of Toronto. Demo options are minimal at best. The only boat I have an option to demo is a Dagger Axiom, which I intend to do.
The holes/waves and play spots on the rivers I usually paddle are generally short and steep. I'm concerned about the length of the Axiom and the lack of rocker. If that kayak works out, I'm all set. But, I have my doubts.
BTW...for those who enquired, I am 185 lbs and 6'2" tall with an inseam of 34".
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What bob said on the sizes.

you wouldn't buy the next size up ski boot and wear extra socks. if you can get close to fitting the smaller size, you can likely dial it in. The medium will squirt better, the large will back ender less if running harder water.

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ďVolume is a crutchĒ. Iím 185 and paddle all kinds of different kayaks. I have an 80+ Gallon creek boat, 57 Gallon play boat, 70 Gallon River Runner, and two Squirtboats that are both under 30 Gallons. It doesnít matter what the manufacturer lists on their website. You have to see what floats your boat. I was a retail Buyer for a decade and everyone wants something different and everyone has an opinion (keep in mind most people will defend their purchases to the death).

Volume distribution is the biggest difference in how a boat will perform and most of that has to do with how it works for your unique body shape. I find the new Jackson Rockstar 4.0 easier to throw ends than lower volume boats in the past and I still get more POP than other kayaks. Iíve paddled most of the kayaks designed since the mid-1990ís and have heard it all. I watch people try kayaks all the time and I rarely see people really take the time to trim and outfit the kayak properly before jumping in the water with it.

The most expensive kayak I own is the only kayak I have ever bought without paddling it first... but how can you paddle a one off kayak that is custom built for your specs and was built for someone else? Surf, Squirt, Wildwater, and Slalom kayaks are all ordered without ever sitting in one first. You have to do your homework and if youíre buying one itís because you know what you want and stock isnít going to cut it.
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I've paddled both sizes and love the medium. The large is fine, but it doesn't feel sporty enough for me. The medium is still more predictable than my other slicey boat of choice, the New Wave Sleek. I'm 6'3", 36" inseam, 180lbs, and size 13 feet.
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