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Fort Collins, Colorado
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IK Paddle Recommendations

I'm a hard shell kayaker, but setting up for some overnight trips and will be taking IKs with camping gear.

Any recommendations?

Generally class III water. Looking for something with a fair amount of power when I (or hubby) dig in.


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Prescott, Arizona
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I've got a 230cm and a 240cm that I use with my Lynx II. I don't think I would want to use anything shorter than a 230. I'm about 6' 1" tall. Pretty much run Class III and lower exclusively.

One is a Cannon Wave (240) with the fiberglass handle. The other is an Aquabound Manta (230) with a fiberglass handle. Both very nice paddles and they definitely would take some abuse without breaking. They are sort of a hybrid touring/whitewater shape and easily take all the power I put into them with minimal flex. I have always thought about upgrading to a really nice Werner or a Mitchell, but other purchases seem get in the queue before a new paddle, and I'm not sure there would be a big difference anyway other than 2-3 oz.
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also note that aquabound makes the shred blade in a 230cm as well lots of power in that blade design.

length is most improtant for the ducky 220-240 cm is the norm, a 200cm hardshell kayak paddle would be too small.

weight is key for long tours and overnighters so aluminum is cheap but heavy. AB and seven2 make the lighter more durable paddles for the money, and there is always fibreglass.
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Kayenta, Arizona
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Werner Camano 260

Go Big!

My girlfriend and I purchased Tributary Tomcat Tandems three seasons ago and originaly got 240 Werner Skagits for them...

After only two trips (an overnight and a daily) we quickly realized these were too short and not strong enough. for our likes.

We upgraded with some custom Werner Camano 260's. The folks tried to talk us out of them, saying they were too long for IK use, but we love them and would not use anything else.

with the tube diameter being larger for some IK's and especially with them weighted down for multi-day use the longer and more beefier paddles really make all the difference. I would conservatively say the power is three times more with the longer paddles then the original ones we had been using. ( one stroke for every three with the others)

We had them custom made and they were pricey, but we could not find 260's anyplace regularly. Others may think these are too big, but when we are doing 80+ miles with fully loaded rigs the longer paddles make the difference, especially with whitewater.

Have Fun.

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Gallatin Gateway, Montana
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I disagree with the super long recommendations. I have an Aire Lynx and I bought a custom 4 piece break apart Aquabound Shred (biggest blade) in a 210 length. If you get them too long you will not be able to make quick moves in tighter creeks/rivers. This is where I like to use my IK. My wife got a 4 piece Aquabound Splat in a 220 for her lynx and could not be happier. IMO a 260 is way too long for a normal IK, but to each their own...
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San Juan Islands, Washington
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I agree, don't go too long. I'm your size (6-1) and I use a 215 and a 210 for a spare in a Sotar IK and a Lynx II. You sit in the same position in an IK as you do in a hardshell when strapped in and a longer paddle just feels too long. I had Werner make me a couple of 2pc. Powerhouse paddles a few years ago and have been very happy with them.
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Prescott, Arizona
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Advice from the Boat People (IK specialists): (Take it for what it's worth, edited slightly for clarity)

"What about overall paddle length? Just how long should your paddle be? River runners will need something in the 92" (230cm) to 96" (244cm) range for wide IK's like Padillacs or Tomcats, and 86" to 92" for narrower inflatable kayak's with widths of 32 to 36". Short paddles (82 - 86") are suitable as both spares and for boats under 33" wide (like the AIRE Force, Sawtooth, or Innova Safari & Solar models). Sea kayakers, regardless of their boats, will want at least a 90" length since the blade area is usually smaller on a touring paddle. Very tall, long-armed folks may be able to get by with a slightly shorter axe, but lengths for inflatables do not have to be precise down to the centimeter. Remember that the extra long (over 96"/244cm) paddles sea kayak shops sell will actually make an inflatable swing left and right since the stroke arc is so far out from the hull, and because inflatables tend to be shorter and more likely to track off course."
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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Everyone thanks! Given that we are getting a fairly wide ik, I think the 240 should be just right.

I also like the idea of staying away from aluminum.

Thanks for the specific paddle suggestions also - really helpful!
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I looked everywhere for a good quality river paddle in the 230 range. Started with a 230 magic, and it felt heavy, it's now my backup. I paddle an Aire Lynx in mostly class 3 stuff. In the end I called Werner and had them custom make the player carbon fiber handle with fiberglass blade in the 230 legnth. You can call Werner and order any of their river paddles to custom lengths for the same price as their premade paddles. I'm about your size so I think 230 is about right for a wide IK. And don't be an idiot like me and try to use a carbon fiber sea kayak paddle on a river, I snapped it in half my second time out, 400 dollar mistake.
The sea kayak paddle was about 4 years old, fortunately Werner cut me a break on a new one, they are a great company to deal with.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1999
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 128
Yeah, we did the sea kayak thing - expensive mistake! I didn't realize I could call Werner. I love my Werner paddles.

So, my husband is the 6'2" guy, but I'm short 5'3" - any length recommendations. And I like slightly longer paddles in general.
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