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Columbus, Indiana
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How much would you pay for a 2003 Wavesport EZ

I found a pretty darn low use 2003 wavesport EZ.

I'm looking for something a bit cheaper than a new boat so I'll have a spare whenever friends want to go paddling with me that don't have a boat, and these seem like they are pretty good river runner/play boats (kind of like a fun, etc...), so this seems like it would be good for this purpose if I can get it at a reasonable price.

It was used for the 2003 season, and has been in storage (inside) ever since. no fading on the outfitting, no big gouges (just the typical scrapes from normal use), and no repairs to the hull. Also, does anyone have any input on plastic condition after it's been in storage for almost 9 years? Should I stay away from this thing like the plague? I've never had a boat this old, and I just don't know if the plastic gets brittle and breaks or something like that?

However, I think the person is asking a bit much at $400 with no extras (no paddle, skirt, etc...). I mean, I can get a new Molan for $650, and this thing is like 9 years old. What would be a good price for this EZ? I'm thinking $250-300??? Or is that too low considering it's in pretty darn good shape?

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Copper Mountain, Colorado
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100-200 tops is what I would pay for one of those. Get an old jackson fun or pyranha 420 for the same or less, and get a better boat.
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Boulder, Colorado
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Agreed, $2 tops.

also its its a loaner for people who don't have their own boat, maybe something bigger or even creekier? Taller people won't fit and you'll chase it more often if your friends aren't that good.

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Denver, Colorado
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$400 is a rip off for a 2003 EZ. You can easily get much better and newer models for $400 right now.

Spending money on a shitty old boat so your friends can potentially use it sometimes doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. One boat will likely be too big, too small, won't fit right. If you need a boat in your quiver, get one. If your friends need a boat some time, do them a favor, and let them rent a good new model boat for $20-25/day. Your friends would have to do a lot of paddling at $25 a day to pay off $400.

On another note... I laugh when I see many folks trying to price used boats way too high. Do the math of whats on the market, how much a warranty is worth, and there is no way anyone should be paying what over 50% of the people try and sell boats for.
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Columbus, Indiana
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This will be the boat I will be using when paddling with friends. When I paddle with them, it's on easier runs. So they can use my Mamba or Axiom, and I'll be having a bit more fun in something smaller. (Also, I'd like to get something smaller for my quiver). So I'm attempting to kill two birds with one stone here.

And whatever it is, it needs to be cheap (I'm poor). $200-300 tops. So I was figuring that I'm going to be talking this person down quite a bit in price since it's listed at $400.

I'll see if I can get it for $200 at THE MOST. If not, they can keep it.
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pnw, Colorado
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Your feet will hate you for buying an EZ.
"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself." -Rumi
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I found that IK's work well as a one size fits all for most tag alongs and newbies. Once they get tired of using the IK and want to step up it's time they rent or buy their own hardshell. Downside is it's tough to find used IK's, and even tougher to find them in the $200-$300 range.

$200 isn't a bad price for a good condition Ez. If you're looking for something with a more classic flair and price tag I'm sure you can find an RPM in the $500 price range.....

Just the other week I saw an ad for a WaveSport Z. The seller was asking more that what I sold my 1 year old Z for almost 10 years ago. If you wait long enough, you might be able to sell a used kayak for more than you paid for it. Classic kayaks - the new market for serious investors!
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Avon, Colorado
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I sold a 2003 EZ in 2006 for $275.........i agree on the $200.
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Columbus, Indiana
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Thanks for all of the input guys. I'm going to use my haggling skills to the best of my ability to try to get it for $150 or so. She's definitely asking too much.....especially considering it's coming up on winter, and everything is on clearance.

If not, something else will eventually pop up.

wish me luck!
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Columbus, Indiana
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Well.....went and looked at it. The thing looked almost new. I don't think this guy had hardly used it.

So I offered him $200. He wouldn't take less than $3. So I walked away. Told them if they changed their mind, they have my contact info.

Oh well.....something else is always around the corner.

And thanks for all of the help.
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