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Help -- Pyranha 420 or Recoil??


I am looking to buy a new boat and would like some advice. I am pretty much set on either a Pyranha 420 or recoil, as they fit me great and I like the outfitting. I know the differences between the boats, and am looking more for input from experienced paddlers on which boat would be better for me. Where I'm at:

this is my first season paddling, I learned in an older Kingpin 6.3 (I have really dug this boat, but it is nowhere near as comfy as the Pyranha boats for my size--6 3 and about 200lbs), and still own the boat, but it is on it's last leg. I can roll well on both sides and like to play--I spend quite a bit of time on the playwaves in BV and Salida, but being a beginner, am not really able to tell subtle differences between playboats yet, and am far from being an awesome playboater, but am getting better. I have run class III and some IV (numbers in lower water, upper mish in lower water), but got pushed around quite a bit in my kingpin at higher water levels.

Most of my paddling buddies say that I should just buy the 420, because river runner/playboats aren't that great for either, but these are also guys who are great playboaters and great creekers, and have been paddling for quite awhile--maybe before the more recent playboat/river runner designs were around.

I have progressed well this season, but would like to run stretches of river next year at high water with a bit more confidence.

SO, is it worthwhile to sacrifice some playability for more stability (recoil), or do I just suck it up and get the 420 and maybe spend more time upside down or with the occasional high water swim? Will the recoil prevent me from having a good time at the playwaves and becoming a better playboater? Will I be good enough in the next two years to take advantage of the 420's playability, or is the recoil plenty playable?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Pardon the wax-on wax-off kind of answer, but this seems more like an introspective question. While centering your chakras in a downward dog at sunrise, ask yourself what is more important. I take the "its not the boat, its the boater" philosophy. If you really want to learn to play, not having the right boat may hold you back, but most of today's modern playmoves were invented in older boats and squirt boats. Boat design changed to suit the changes in the sport and make it all that much more accessible. If you want to progress as a playboater, buy the playboat. In the long run, it will make you better at running rivers too, even though you might take a beating more often than if you were in another boat. I think of it as constructive criticism from the river. Do what your comfortable with and push yourself a little every once in a while and you get better all around. Just don't let your boat make excuses for you...thats what open boating is for...
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OK 1st dont listen to anyone from Boulder... the above is what you get.

Here is what I see from the most rangers - from boulder and the like is that most rangers do like larger boats like the RPM and EZ. This is not for the size of the boat but rather so they fit in with all the other gapin rangers is large boats. Come up to the Ark on a Sat -no doubt you will see lines of strugglin boulderites in rpm's makin the commercial raft lines look good.

Boulder - one of the best - for gettin her done front range style.

Get the 420. Colorado boatin is only about 3 months long here on the Ark and shorter most other places - like boulder. So if you boat more than 6 weeks a year look into a short playboat. A shorter playboat will not hit bottom like your friend from boulder's RPM - and will make for a better session and longer season.

One of my good friends just went from a 6.3 he paddled for 5 years to a 420 and loves the 420.
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I got the 420 and it's sick. Werd...
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If you are fine in the Kingpin the 420 won't be any worse for running rivers, you are already used to getting pushed around in big water. And you will probably be annoyed that with the difficulty in doing flat water moves in the recoil.
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