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Hand washing station

I looking to try to buy a bulb handwashing station. I know one can make there own. Don't like the wishy washey system with it dual hoses, Partner seem to make one I like. My issue these things use to cost under $50 at NRS now they getting really expensive over $80. Anyone know of a good cheaper one?

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Get a couple alligator clips, a few hose clamps, some fuel line with a hand pump bulb, and some copper tubing. All in line from 1 bucket of clean water to a catch bucket. You can put the bulb on a piece of plywood or just find a flat rock each day.
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I've had trouble with the copper tubing not lasting too long after its gets kinked, and it will get kinked. anyone else have a good option to the faucet part?
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Originally Posted by liquidchaos View Post
I've had trouble with the copper tubing not lasting too long after its gets kinked, and it will get kinked. anyone else have a good option to the faucet part?
I use the chrome tubes made to connect a toilet or sink to the water supply. I believe they are chrome plated copper or brass. They are malleable, easy to bend, and I've never had a problem with kinking. My whole system is a mixture of primer bulb, the toilet supply lines, rubber airhose, those cool hose clamps with a built-in thumbscrew and a 5 gallon bucket. It makes a faucet at waist level, all fits in the bucket, and leaves no soapy water on the ground. I don't leave home without it.
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Refrigerant piping. Heat with a torch, curve over a coffee can, then bang it around after it is cool to reharden it
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Yikes! $50 bucks and more for a squeeze bulb and 30" of tubing?

I put mine together for under $20, all purchased at Home Depot. I maybe spent 2 hours putting it together.

Mine is a stripped down version of this....

In my simplified version I used 1/4" vinyl tubing, rigid copper tubing (the chrome plated toilet riser mentioned by Captishmal) and a squeeze bulb primer intended for flushing radiators. I ommited the table, plywood pedal and pipe and fittings on the riser.

I also didn't bother with any threaded fittings on the connectors. Instead I sized the vinyl tubing for a good friction fit on the copper (a 1/2" long piece of heat shink tubing over the copper made for a perfect fit)

I wanted my 5 gal. bucket to still be useful as a bucket for other camp chores. So instead of the drain fitting at the bottom I drilled an oversized hole into the rim (above water line) of the supply bucket. The supply line is cut extra long so it reaches the bottom of the bucket and I added a 2" section of the copper to the sucking end as a weight to insure it sinks to the bottom.

I bought a plastic spring clamp that fits over the rim of the bucket and drilled holes as req'd to support the copper parts. The copper is easily hand bent in large radius (over 4") for tighter bends fill the tube with fine sand to keep it from kinking.
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I got tired of the primer bulb.I picked up a small pwc bilge pump for under $20.00 I put it in a bucket of water with some bleach it .A 7 amper hr battery runs the thing for a week. We also fill the bucket with heated water and take showers. Total cost with the pump,battery and hose was under $ 40.00
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I carry a simplified version of River Runnners' Hand Washing Station
No need for a shower head, and instead of the little cable clamp thingys, I just hold the tubing to the Simpson Strong Tie with duct tape.

I also added a hose fitting and cap to the outer bucket so it doubles as the source bucket for a gravity filter setup.

- Jerry
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pvc handwash

I have put together a hand wash system using pvc small diameter tubing priming bulb and plastic tubing.

I use 1 large bail bucket and 2 small ones so the whole thing fits in the large bail bucket.

Use 4 90 degree elbows 4 "t" joints and about 3 feet of pipe.

Basically you create an H shape with cut tubing and 3 of the t connectors, 2 where the horizontal and vertical lines of the H come together and one in the middle of the horizontal member. The H should be just large enough to fit over the large bail bucket. attach the 90 degree elbows to the ends of the H so that the H won't slip off the top of the bail bucket.

Another length of tubing is attached to the open hole of the T connector in the horizontal member perpendicular to the plane of the H you just created with a T connector at the top. This t connnector will support the outflow hose and form the "faucet"

Cut the plastic tubing into 2 sections and put the priming bulb in between.

Thread the outflow tubing through the t connector at the end to form the spout of the wash system, secure with duct tape and put the other end in the bucket (now filled with water. Duct tape a small stone to the inflow end of the tube to keep it submerged in the large bail bucket.

Stack the 2 small buckets end to end and make sure the water from the outflow tube goes into the small bucket.

With this basic set of instructions, you should be able to put one together for under $20...
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All this is well and good.....but can anyone explain to me why the dishwashing station doesn't do the job? Right there, you've got a soapy bin and a bleachy bin....doesn't that to what you want? Sanitation is very important, but this addresses it doesn't it? I'm not looking for more gadgety crap to jam into my boat.....just sayin'
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