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Lakewood, Colorado
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Gasket wear: how much is too much?

Hey guys hopefully someone can help me out here and be easy. I just picked up a used dry top and I've never owned one before hence the question. It's an NRS and definitely a couple seasons old. Wrist gaskets are in great shape and the neck gasket does have some visible wear. By the edge at the top there is some small amount of surface cracking but nothing that looks too big however about midway down there is about a 1 inch long crack in the latex that is definitely deeper. It doesn't go all the way through I would say it's about half to three quarters of the thickness deep at the most.

Is this something to worry about and a huge concern or will it still last me a while? I paid less than 50 for it so I think it was still a good deal even if I end up having to replace the neck gasket. Or did I just waste my money?

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Lakewood, Colorado
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Also is it possible to just Glue a small latex patch over the crack or is this frowned upon?
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I'm a total wimp and almost always replace mine preemptively. Otherwise my experience is it rips right in the middle of the season at the beginning of a cold run. That however is not the most cost effective way to go. I've paddled with duct tape or with some glue on a torn gasket for quite a while without problems (being very carefully pulling it off & on). It leaks more than it would otherwise, but is doable. So the latex patch is probably worth a try.
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Sounds like you got a great deal on the top. Based on your description of the wear near the top of the gasket it is kind of a crap shoot if it will last the season, usually this is a 50/50 in my experience. The tear that is in the middle can be fixed with a bike tube patch. So I guess it depends on how much you are going to be wearing it if you should replace the whole gasket or not. My guess is that you will have to replace it by the end of the season at the latest. Hope that helps.
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NRS has a cool how-to video on replacing neck gaskets. Doesn't seem too hard if one is handy/crafty. I believe it is on their site.
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don't bogart that
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Replace the gasket now

You don't want to be that guy, gear fail, then wondering why the shop can't get it done sooner in the middle of summer. Have pro's do it, is not expensive and lasts many seasons
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Originally Posted by KSC View Post
I'm a total wimp...
Yes, I've boated with KCS and would have I agree...but that's beside the point.

OP - probably better to be safe than sorry. That being said, I've gotten great wear out of using a simple bicycle patch (perhaps repairing several times through the remainder of the season) on a gasket when I wasn't ready to give it up (for time's sake) for repair. As a side note - those little bike tube repair kits are a great thing to keep in your pfd or repair kit.

Also, if you think you're going to get into boating pretty regularly, think about investing in a dry suit. Expensive, I know, but soooooo worth it.
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Lakewood, Colorado
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Thanks guys. Continuing from where last season ended I'll probably be boating class 3 to 4 (think Stevens down on the poudre, waterton, and other similar runs probably increasing difficulty as the season goes on) at least once or twice a week from May onward until no more water so I guess pretty regularly. There's no way I can afford a dry suit this year that will be a 2015 season purchase.

I'm very handy though (repaired a cracked jackson boat that I now consider good as new, refinished a wooden paddle with resin, built an arduino controlled brewing system, etc) so I'm not worried about the gasket replacement being hard.

I think I'll do the bike tube thing now on the big crack and get an extra gasket to have it ready, but wait on replacing it until the current one looks like it's really about to give or does break and then do my replacement. most of my boating will be on the poudre where a torn gasket isn't a huge deal since we are roadside. Plus I lasted from late may through the season last year with only a paddling jacket while learning how to combat roll so anything dry is an improvement.
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put some duct tape on your paddle too, that way, when the gasket blows at the put in, you can still run the shit, unless you are a wimp.

that reminded me of a time, middle narrows a few years ago in june without a drytop or shirt with, booth and beausoliel, because I forgot everything at home except my boat, paddle, skirt, helmet pfd.They thought I was nuts.

That was a fun day, your gonna paddle a little harder when all your wearing is shorts.
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