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the grove, Oregon
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Originally Posted by Chip View Post
Heating ducts are made of galvanized steel which is not intended for use in stoves or stovepipe. Using galvanized steel pipe for a stove or stovepipe is dangerous. At high temperatures the zinc oxidizes and in the confined space of tent you'll be breathing zinc oxide at a high concentration, which could make you quite sick. (I learned this by experience.)

Use either black steel or stainless steel stovepipe for projects like this.
Nearly all the steel breakdown stove pipes I have ever seen for packer stoves are galvanized, such as these:
Kni-Co Manufacturing Inc, Wood Burning Camp Stoves and Sheepherder Products

which is why the recommend to get a fire going in a new stove outside beore you go using it in a wall tent.

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shappa- I had no idea such a small amount of fire would have that much effect, (particularly for that long). I may have to rethink how I approach some of my winter camping.

Also checked out the stoves you mention as I hadn't heard of them. Those look great!

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the grove, Oregon
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I don't have a small stove, the fire box is about 10" x 10" x 23", which hold a some pretty big wood The key is to get a handle on the damper to make it burn long and slow, you can also line the bottom of a large stove with high heat tile so it absorbs heat to radiat it longer too.
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Hey St2eel,
Hopefully this repost of the images works. If not, check in my photo gallery here.

We definitely had some condensation inside, when we set the tipi up on wet sand, and left it overnight with no fire inside, but we burned that condensation off within 30-45 min of firing up the stove. The one day that we had heavy rain all day, we had one or two drips at a seam. I didn't bother seam-sealing before this trip. We didn't get condensation from people/gear.

We had 9 people in big camp chairs in it comfortably, and used it really for hanging out and drying out gear. It was super nice to have a warm, dry place to eat dinner and hang out in, rather than everybody going straight to their tents after dinner. I don't think anybody slept in it, though.

It's 10'-11' radius, and 10.5'-11' tall. I know that sounds funny that the dimensions are variable, but it really depends just how you set it up. You can set it up wider and shorter or taller and skinnier (a little bit each way, not a whole lot) depending on the space that's available.

I'm happy to answer any other questions.

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my god, do I love finding out I need something new...
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the grove, Oregon
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I will be the first to ask on your great winter camp setup

will you post names of tent and stove so I can research

WOW, neat setup

oh yea, nice fish as well!
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Shapp's back!

Looks like a fun trip, steelhead, bulltrout, nice weather!

I was on the Clearwater a few weeks ago when it was at 25K, we thought about running over to the Grand Rhonde for a few days but it was also blown, so we stayed put... 5 days of nothing then 15 fish in the last 24 hours. Glad we stayed.

Hope your here to stay!

"If you dont do it this year, you will be one year older when you do"
-Warren Miller
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the grove, Oregon
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bringing back an oldy but a goody

Its starting to get cold at night and fall/early winter boating season is approaching.

This is my setup now:

Same tent (MSR twin brother) but am using a titanium seekoutside stove now.

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Plunk your magic twanger!
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I purchased the Seek Outside Redcliff tent/ wood stove combo with a liner and a "nest". I had a hard time describing what I wanted to but to my wife so we went to Grand Junction where they are made. Dustin took the time to explain all the features and options and set one up in their showroom. We left with the complete package excited to try it out. I set it up in the yard and seam sealed it and burned the stove in. Last weekend, we car camped up the Frying Pan River. The night turned cold and rainy and we were warm and dry and very happy! The fire burned out after we fell asleep and I woke up during the night and tried to get it going again but it only had a small pile of coals and I only had a couple of larger chunks of wood left so I put one in and it kinda smoldered. It still felt fairly comfortable in the morning but I got up and gathered a little kindling, used a fire starter stick, and had it hot again in a short time while the rain turned to wet, heavy flakes.

I am taking it for two nights on the river this weekend and have a few more trips planned that I don't expect to be hampered by the weather now that I have a place to be warm and dry.

I would like to learn any tips or tricks. One I learned the hard way is that the wood stove on a fire blanket folded into four layers gets hot enough to melt a sand-free mat beneath it
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