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FFS i keep changing my mind. Boat suggestions.

I am intermediate kayaker but took a bad swim a few years ago in sydels suckhole (class 4 hole, browns canyon). Smashed my confidence, and I got rid of my equipment. I am now buying all new stuff and want to learn to play boat in upper c , and shoshone. So heres what I want

My build - 185 lbs, 6' 1" and huge size 13's that dont like to fold up. Long legs.

Boat desired - Able to play alot in smaller pours and waves class 2-3 mostly 2 cause I am a puss now, confidence builder - rolls up like a beginner boat/ can hand roll it , wont crush my feet but isnt so big in volume that I cant toss it around and learn to play in it (am new to playboating). When I go down shoshone I dont want to get tossed around and want to resume some sort of control. Something I can play with in an eddy. USED boat, since I have to outfit everthing I gotta get the boat for under 600 bucks.

Goals - get my confidence back, learn to stall, and cartwheel.

Boats I am thinking of... with the juice very high on my list.

Juice 7.1
g ride

please tell me what you suggest, think bla bla
if you recommend a boat for me.. then what size

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you may find that you will grow out of the juice more quickly than you like... skill wise... EZG or EZ are good for river play... so is the liquid logic cross river. good luck
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Well, you should buy my ezg 60 on the swap. Shameless plug but it would be a good boat for you.
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For you I think the EZG would be a good choice but try efore you buy you are right on the buble for sizing.
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gh i think the ezg would be good for me I am just wondering about getting my feet in it. Your not to far away either. Ur boat is what inspired me to back out of my juice idea. I emailed you a few questions but I just found out we are having a swap up here april 29 and 30. I think I should go sit in a few boats that I am interested in there.

How different are the ezg and the ez? the price is very different.
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pnw, Colorado
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I am 6' with size 10 feet and the boat is very comfy. You are welcome to come over and try it out if you are close or go out with me. I didnt find the juice to be a very stable boat but its all personal choice.
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Here goes
The Juice, like alot of Dagger Boats, slicey tail that alot of people don't care for and quite a bit of nose volume. That means it will tail stand and squirt real well, surf nicley but harder to cartwheel.
I paddle 4 different Daggers and have played in Golden in the following boats I fit in 220/5'10''/11 feet

The EZ/EZG, mostly the difference is in the sizing with the EZ's being a bigger boat. There are some outfitting differences also.
Size wise you can say Wavesport has made a 6 size line up with the EZ/EZG
small to big
EZG 42
EZG 50
Big EZ
EZG 60
Super EZ

If your looking for a river play boat to learn to cartwheel the EZ/EZG is the better design but if your blaming the boat its your skills.

You will have a hard time finding a used Liquid Logic CR as they are new this year.

An other boat for you to look at is the Jackson Funs either the 4fun which is your weight but might be small for your hight/feet or the Super fun. Very stable river runners and great for basic play.

For a play surfing boat I paddle the Kingpin 6.3 seat all the way forward and it sits low in the water. you might find it alitte small for river running but it is one of the best all around playboats made being very balanced.
Let me know if you would liKe to try it out some time I could meet you at Confluence or Golden.

Confluence Kayaks is holding a boat swap Apr. 22 & 23
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quick comment on the ezg-60... my buddy demoed one on the middle fork salmon and it was a torture device on his size 13 dogs
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Try putting a small heal block in the boat.

I find the EZG 60 very comfortable with a small heal block. I can't fit in it with any kind of bulkhead.

I'm 220 lbs, 6' 1", size 14 feet
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rasdoggy your post helped a whole bunch. I am now leaning towards the ezg or the EZ and not sure if I will like the ez as much as ezg. I am going to go to the swap and sit in them to see if I can get in the big-ez. The only reason I am leaning towards it is price. I will be leaving CO after the summer (most likely).

So the ez has more volume than the ezg, but since the big ez is smaller I think I want to find one to try to squeeze into. If I dont fit in it then I will be going to the ezg. Thanks for all the help.

As far as it working out in the river, well if I fit and cant control a boat this highly recomended then I guess I should hone my skills
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