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Dumb Question re: Bear Claw Knife

Okay...I've got a dumb question. I bought a CRKT Bear Claw knife last year. I attached it onto my PFD using the sheath. I went on a class III-IV run and rolled up a few times on the run. When I was finished, I noticed my knife was gone.

I love the design of the knife and bought a new one, however, what do other do when attaching it to your PFD? Do you use the string to lace it on, or am I missing something?


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Take two small plasitc zip ties and criss cross them over each other then clip off the ends.
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Yes, you can used cord to lash it on.

I bought the bearclaw years ago when it first came out (2000?) thinking it would be a sweet river knife. I noticed that it did not stay on a pfd very well so I scrapped it and bought a real river knife. Back then it was marketed as a self defense weapon primarily for women. Now they rounded the tip and market it as a river knife.
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I'd use a short length of fishing line: it will catch the knife and would be easy to snap for use in an emergency.
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Did you lose just the knife or the sheath as well? I used the string it came with to lace the sheath in. Had it for 4 seasons now and it hasn't come off.
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I assume he means the sheath & knife as the sheath attachment does not work too well on PFDs and the knife has a bomber attachment to the sheath. Use the zip tie technique and all will be well.
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Same thing happened to me

I lost the whole thing too, knife and sheath, on foxton a couple years ago--did not buy another one. I got a pretty cheap replacement at CKS that attaches with a plastic bar that goes through the pfd loop and has 2 screws into the sheath--can't remember the name, but it's sharp, stays in the sheath, and stays on the pfd--plus it has a point too, which came in VERY useful when I had to MacGiver a new backband attachment on the numbers last year!
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Two things:

1. Use thin cord to attach your knife sheath to your pfd at a nearby point other than the lash tab. Lash tabs break. This has saved my knife a few times.

2. use a piece of elastic cord attached to the lanyard hole in the knifes handle to attach it to the sheath. I just tie a small loop in the elastic that slips over the top of knifes sheath. When you want the knife you just pop the elastic off the top of the sheath. when you are done sheath the knife and put the loop over the sheath. The elastic needs to be short enough to hold the knife in the sheath.

I am still on my first river knife after 8 seasons and 6000+ river miles using this technique.

As a side note I have noticed that my knife has dulled despite not being used. Might be a good time of year to get your knife sharpened.
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