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Dipshit with the most.
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Chaco WTF? Do I have to find Another sandal company? Crap. Crap. Crap.

So I just read this posted in a review on SAC (Steep and Cheep).

Moved to Michicgan and Made in China

When I wondered about the new MADE IN CHINA tag on my chacos, this is what I was told by Chaco Help. Dear Chris, Last summer Chaco laid off the entire production crew and farmed out the last of our American made products to China. Over 100 people lost their jobs. On May 29 the rest of us will be laid off. Chaco has sold to Wolverine Worldwide. Nobody here was thrilled about moving to China. Nobody here was thrilled about Wolverine buying us. The man quoted in the article, Ed Wieland was let go since those articles were written. So now we are all being let go to join the swelling ranks of the unemployed. It seems as soon as we outsourced we went down the tubes. Wolverine will keep the Chaco label but the product will be made in China. Chaco will no longer be in Colorado but in Michigan. Thank you for your e-mail. Joe Joe Kaputa Chaco,Inc./ ULU Boot 39955 Hayden Road Paonia, CO 81428 970-248-5861 [email protected]"

Anyone know for sure if this is true?

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Sad but true I called chaco and spoke to them last year about this year.
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News on the Sale: Wolverine devours Chaco — High Country News
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I will continue to wear my Made in Colorado Chaco's proudly!
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Boy Howdy!
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Originally Posted by swimteam101 View Post
Sad but true I called chaco and spoke to them last year about this year.
Chinos?, oh I get it now...
Who's your monkey?
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Just goes to show
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So does anyone have a good alternative option that they like? I need some god boat sandals.

(seven two 0)-298-2242
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Plunk your magic twanger!
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I'm certain I won't be sending them to China to take advantage of the wonderful warranty and customer service I was sold on.
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Sad... Especially since I am chacos #1 fan!
You can still find the old kind (made in the us) on ebay. I think I will stockpile a few pair and wear them over time.
I mean c'mon......boating in anything besides chacos?
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Unfortunate, but true. It is cheaper to pay some overseas person to put together Chacos for sale in the USA than someone in Colorado. And, as long as the USA public will continue to buy Chaco's the brand will make money.

Some decades ago, the politicians and big industry got together and decided it was cheaper to make goods overseas than in the USA. Combine the various federal, state and local laws plus onerous union wage and seniority rules and it was easy for the accounting management types to justify moving manufacturing overseas.

Made sense from a purely accounting look. Cheap oil made for cheap massive container ships to transport goods from where ever it was cheapest to make them. Quality might suffer but it was good enough to get by.

At this point in time, we have plenty of cheap, mostly just good enough to get by things to buy. The bad thing is our base of USA people with good jobs and money to spend is fast going away.

When the USA economy is based on consumer buying, but the consumers have lost their jobs to overseas operations that do not have the work rules the USA does - something has to give. And, right now it is happening. The fastest growing economies are all outside the USA.

I see it all the time. Example: Boaters looking for cheap propane stoves (almost all of which are made in China - look at the labels) and complaining about the initial cost of a Partner Steel stove made in Idaho USA. Buy one Partner Steel stove and use it for the rest of your life or pick up a cheap China made one and throw it away every couple years. It is an individual's choice as to how to spend their money. The bad thing is if Partner Steel stoves took over the market, my bet is pretty soon the company would sell out to say Coleman for big one time bucks and Idaho jobs would move somewhere else.

I do not have the total answer. I just know it seems like the USA is in a race to the bottom when it comes to taking care of our economy.
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