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Aurora, Colorado
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Looking to get into high volume river running/little bit of creeking. I am 6'1 185. Paddled play boats before, took a few years off, came back running inflatables.

Essentially the majority of my runs will be Arkansas river (Royal Gorge, Browns, Numbers, etc.), Waterton and Foxton....maybe Bailey.

Any suggestions or tips?

Burn, Hero, or Remix

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Indian Hills, Colorado
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Any of above will be fine for those sections of river. You oughta head up to CKS and demo each and see what you like the most. They're all really different:
Burn = has edges and is fast
Hero = has edges and is sort of slow, but easy easy
Remix = displacement and is fast (never paddled but hear good things)
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I'm essentially the same height/weight as you and was recently looking for a new boat for the same type of runs you described. I just got a medium Ammo last weekend because it was a little shorter and more playful than many of the other "creekable" river runners. I just got back from a Westwater trip and am really happy with it so far. I think it's just a little less forgiving and slower than the other boats you're considering, but more fun and still very appropriate for big water.

I demoed a medium Burn a couple weeks ago on Foxton. I really liked it (fast, stable, carves well if you really lean it over,) but I ultimately wanted something a little shorter and more playful.

The Hero was a very strong contender for me as it seemed to split the difference between the Burn and Ammo, but I never got around to paddling one...it's definitely worth checking out.

I completely ruled out the Remix because I wanted a planning hull.
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Bend, Oregon
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I asked the same thing...

I asked almost the same exact question about a month ago,
Burn, Hero, or Remix...
I ended up going with the Burn L and I love the thing. It performs better than I could ever hope for. 3 strokes and your at top speed, which happens to be very fast. Has great stability.

Also the boat is very comfortable.
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The Bitterroot, Montana
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ORRRRRR......... Mamba. leaks like a seive but paddles like a dream. way more like a burn or a hero than a remi is.
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Boulder, Colorado
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Mamba all the way

Originally Posted by montuckyhuck View Post
ORRRRRR......... Mamba. leaks like a seive but paddles like a dream. way more like a burn or a hero than a remi is.
X2 definitely
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Lakewood, Colorado
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Demo Demo Demo. The only way to go. I prefer the Remix in the lot but that's my preference. I like the speed and the 69 fits me well.
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Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Hey, I just did a quick search on here with the 'Burn, Hero, and Remix' in the search query and it showed me about 13 threads that are kinda similar to your question.

Hope this helps some too, here's the link:
Mountain Buzz - Search Results

I've got a Hero, had it for 3-4 seasons now. I love it, and have paddled it on all of the runs that you mentioned. It is my "go-to boat," over my pyrannaha 420. The only thing that im not a fan of on the Hero is the draw-string outfitting, but ive got mine dialed in, so, it doesn't ever cause a problem for me anymore.

It's a solid boat, your overall paddling skill set will determine how far you go with it.
If you're going to stick it out there, don't be afraid to get it cut off.
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surrounded by mountains, Colorado
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If you haven't already, you should definetly try the Hero. I think you will find it to fit you nicely (it is a fairly large volume, so a taller paddler seems to have an advantage with it) and the boat absolutely shreds waves and eddy turns. It is the Fun hull on a river runner shell and carves really sweet lines. It can be consider an SUV in that it is enjoyable for most boating, including some creeking (short, large volume, and tall, flared, side walls).

The Burn is a great boat, too. Although, it is longer and, therefore, generally not as fun surfing. It's a great big water boat, though.

Another great choice you hadn't mentioned is the Wave Sport Diesel. It is sort of like the Burn. Again, the Diesel is, as advertised, a pretty excellent SUV.

Keep in mind that these are all aggressive boats and should be boated with aggressive enthusiasm. They can deliver great enjoyment and help you hone your skills to perfection. The idea is to learn the performance character of these boats and engage the boat's design to let it activate it's purpose and do the work for you. That is why I have been impressed by the Hero and Diesel. By engaging their sweet spot on an edge and forward/aft weight distribution the boats can carve precision archs without sliding out. A boat that carves and holds a line is a beautiful thing and so much fun. Hope you discover it.

No risk, no reward. It is not that we have to, it is that we get to. Preparation and education are essential to self-confidence and success. - KV
"If there is no risk there is no adventure."- Bill Briggs
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Aurora, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1999
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 10
Thanks all for the advice.....went with the burn.....not a huge fan of the Hero, felt a little big and slow for me, but I am sure it is a great all around boat. I really liked the Remix as well but I like having the edges of the Burn (also felt a little more stable)....thanks again!
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