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NSW, Australia
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Burn sizing question


I am getting a new Pyranha Burn in October. I am approx 180-185lbs and approx 6'. I currently paddle a LL Remix 69. Would the Large or Medium burn benefit me better?

I think I am on the upper end of the medium and the lower end of the large, so what would the benefits of each be at my size? I paddle mostly class III-IV- currently, but look to be stepping this up within the next 12 months.

I don't want to paddle something that feels like a tank (hence my worries with the Large) and I do not have the ability to demo both boats here.

I appreciate any help I may be given.

- dis.

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Steamboat, Colorado
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What kind of water will you be boating? If is low volume tight and technical paddling you might appreciate the shorter smaller boat but that's only a 3" difference in length. Otherwise, I would personally go with the larger boat. I know its kinda of a trend right now to have more volume but it makes sense to me in almost all situations. Normally it means you will ride higher in the water and can pack more gear if you wanted.

I was in between the large Burn and an Everest and I went with the Everest and have been really stoked on it. Loved it in the bigger water this season, and now even as its dropping I have not felt like it was too big or have wished I went with the smaller boat.
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NSW, Australia
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Thanks. some of it will be some low volume / tight / technical, but most of it is drop style rapids with large pools. What are the main differences that I will notice in paddling the larger boat compared to the medium?
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I am 180 and paddle the medium. It responds quicker and trurns easier than the large, which would stay on the surface more and plow through things easier.

The only reason you would NEED the large is if you were paddling bigger water V on a self support.

Beyond that its personal preference.

Most of my paddling friends paddle the Large - and they are my size or slighly lighter.

At 6feet you MAY be more comfy in the L (especially if you have big feet) but will def. fit in the M.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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I'm 6-ft, 185 - 190 lbs and bought a medium Burn. I was initially worried about being on the upper end of the weight range, but also thought that the large simply seemed too big. I demoed the medium and liked it, so I bought it. I've been very pleased with it, and am pretty comfortable paddling class IV+ to V- in it. But, I carry a minimal amount of gear. Meng may have a point about overnight, self-support trips. But other than that I'd say go with the medium.
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pnw, Colorado
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You are right on the border line I think. I paddle the large at 175 and feel that it gets tossed around a bit. Not a big deal, but if I bought another one, it would be the med.
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I'm 165, 5'8, 10.5shoe. I've owned and paddled both. Started in the medium which is more responsive for me, and easy to move around with my light frame. But on self support and big class V I like the large. Once the medium gets waited down with lots of gear it gets real edgy and squirly. And I my pin kit, first aid kit, breakdown paddle, and rope probably add 15-20lbs anyway. The large I have to muscle around more to turn, but it carries way more speed than the medium did.

I prefer the large so much, that I ordered a large Karnali instead of a med Karnali as well.

All of that said, if you mostly paddle playboats, then the medium might be a good place to start until you figure out how to control the larger boat.
Kyle McCutchen
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Avon, Colorado
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Im 6'3" 185 lbs and would paddle nothing other than a medium.
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NSW, Australia
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I am definitely a long way from big class V and I want something that is really responsive and will help me focus on my technique / improve. Therefore I am going to get the medium.

Cheers guys.
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Good choice! I've owned both sizes. I'm 5'11" and 195#. Paddled them over 2 seasons in MT and WA, class IV/V.

Like most things in kayaking, the sizing of the Burn can be a bit counter-intuitive. It would seem that the large would be more forgiving but I found the opposite to be true. The Burn is an edgy boat, especially if used as a creeker. However, when paddling the medium the edges were always engaged, which made me pay attention and paddle accordingly. I actually liked that.

When paddling the large, the edges would come in and out of play, sometimes when I least wanted them to. Unless I was heeled over, most of the time they were out of play making the boat feel pretty forgiving. Of course, just when I was getting a little lazy the edge would catch and I was throwing that last minute brace when I had other things to pay attention to, like the boof stroke I needed to clear the ledge hole 2 feet in front of me.

So, for me anyway, having the edges engaged all the time was actually easier than having them come in and out of play. I think you're making the right choice and I hope the medium works well for you!
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