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Broke my heart (and my paddle); need your help

So, I busted my paddle on lower clear creek today and I need to pony up some $$ for a new paddle. What are folks liking these days. I had a straight shaft carbon paddle (until it broke in two), but I am open to bent shaft, straight shaft, AT, Werner, etc. Who is excited about their paddle and why? Never tried a bent shaft before; it is a tough transition? I'm not much of a playboater, not a hard core creeker, just really enjoy running rivers. You input would be much appreciated.

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pnw, Colorado
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Werner bent shaft shogun. Expensive but worth it.
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Werner Bent shaft Powerhouse (if you are going to pony up, carbon is the way to go)
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Golden, Colorado
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Last year, after busting my paddle in Bailey (that seems to do that to me a lot), I switched from a straight shaft Freestyle to a bent shaft Powerhouse. I definately like the new paddle better and it seems more comfortable on the wrists. The first 2-3 times you take a bent shaft out it feels a little weird but you get used to it real fast.
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I think I met you on Saturday while we were looking at Elbow Falls. I 3rd the Warner Powerhose. That paddle takes a lickin' and keeps on ticken. They make 2 types: the creeker version and the playboater version. I believe that they are all bent shaft. I did some trade-ins at CKS at Buena Vista so I got a deal, but I believe a fiberglass model was $279 or somthing like that. The carbon shaft is almost $500 and weighs somthing like a half pound less than the fiberglass. I'd go for the fiberglass model. I got the creaker version and it's been really good to me. It also has a little wide spot along the shaft which might help you identify your power end in some squirely water. The only minor complaint I have with that paddle is that the blade can be difficult to move around while under water in a hydraulic. Still it's a great paddle that digs in when it's time to get serious.
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Golden, Colorado
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I love the AT3 Zen for river running and creeking. I lost my first one and I just replaced it at Golden Riversports. I'm glad I did because I heard they stopped making them.

The reason I like it is because the blades are thick and look bomber and it is inexpensive compared to similar paddles. It is in the $250 range. I had 2 creeking seasons on my first AT3 Zen and it looked great. I can't pay more than $250 for a paddle because no matter what kind it is it is going to get lost or die young.

I had a bent shaft werner that I trashed in 1/2 season. It was abuse on my part, but I'm not buying a paddle with thin blades again. I completely crushed that thing in one bad day on Clear Creek of the Ark. My very first paddle was a straight shaft werner and when I was done with it the blades were about the size of my hands. Those thin blades just vanish if you creek with them.

The only problem I have with the AT3 is that they are black and blue and I was lucky to find mine underwater in a log jam once. They are invisible underwater. I'm putting yellow electrical tape on my new blades.

AT Paddles - White Water
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Metro Area, Colorado
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The AT2 flexi has been a great paddle for me. They are extremely durable and feel great. I agree with patrick the thick blades can take some serious abuse and still not lose form. I would highly recommend looking at any AT paddle.

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