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boat suggestions appreciated

looking to step it up from my first boat and thought I'd seek suggestions from the community on boats that I might want to consider.
5'10" 190 lbs. I feel I'm an intermediate boater--upper mish through bridges (much of it at higher water this year, although not always successful ), foxton and lower clear cr recently.
my godzilla has treated me very well thus far, but geez it's awfully big--and thinking it's time to take the training wheels off and move into something a little smaller.
I have tried a buddy's ezg--felt like it would be a fun boat to target--eventually. but it was a little tough for me to roll and seemed like a little more than I would be able to handle as I work toward tougher runs. maybe that's a normal feeling when changing/upgrading boats?
anyway, friends have suggested trying a big ez, and some dagger boats that have been out for a while now--can't remember the names--juice?
thoughts? thanks!

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pnw, Colorado
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You dont say what you want to do in the boat.
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Metro Area, Colorado
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I wouldn't steer away from an EZG just because it felt a bit squirly the first time. Coming from a Godzilla you are going to think all smaller boats are going to be shaky (they are in comparison), but spend enough time in any of the smaller play/river-running play and you'll fall in love with their designs.
GH made a good point. You need to consider what type of boater you want to become. If you are thinking about stepping it up to harder runs, you will probably be better off looking at some creek boats. The EZG is a great boat for most class IV, but will not handle like a creek boat in bigger/steeper runs. If you are looking to stay on the same type of runs, an EZG (or comprable boat) would be a great choice. They will be able to get you down the river, but also allow you to play along the way.
In all honesty...if you stick with it you are going to end up with a play boat and a creek boat. You really need both if you want to run everything. So maybe think about which one you want to get first.

Good luck!
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ahhh, yes, the objectives:
find a boat that will allow me to continue to improve overall river running skills while I start to surf--it looks oh so fun. I'd be psyched to lug around something a bit shorter and lighter. hopefully a little easier to turn/manuever. my dang boat is practically as long as my truck. and although my friends say they don't mind, they probably are tired of getting pounded by me when hop into an eddy with them. at least I'm tired of rammin' em.
not seeking a small playboat and I plan to keep my current boat for bigger water stuff. so something that would be a good all around boat and get me started as I begin to play a little. and one that I'd likely find used in the $300-$500 range--there seems to be many to choose from. thanks.
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EZG or ZG would be good. The EZ would be a little more forgiving in the transition, runs rivers well, and isn't a bad intro playboat. Pyranha Inazone would be a great choice. Maybe a little over your price-range but the Jackson Fun Series or Dagger Prescription might be a good fit.

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pnw, Colorado
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I would agree with count and not to be an ass but forget about the hard to roll idea. Those boats roll fine, if you have problems rolling them go back to work on your roll.
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thanks for the feedback.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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I am the same weight as you and think that the EZG50 would be a little too small, while the EZG60 would be a little too big, unless you are focusing more on river running and less on playing.

I've paddled a BigEZ for a few years and found it great for playing as well as running IV/IV+ rivers (which is about my limit anyway).

I've recently switched to a Pyranha 4Twenty M/L and really like it. It surfs way better than the BigEZ, seems just as fast despite being much shorter, and I'm still comfortable in IV/IV+. Oh, and it's lighter and much more comfortable.
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Golden, Colorado
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I just switched from an EZ to an EZG50 for river running play and absolutely love it. It runs rivers as well as the EZ and is way more playful. It can handle runs like Granite and Numbers easily once you get use to it which you will. I was suprised how well it handled Pine Creek at 1500 cfs. So don't worry at all about it limiting you later on. Plus the comfort of the EZG is so much better than the EZ. I'm 160.

That said, you should consider what Paul said about the EZG60 being too big. If the Big EZ is comfortable (for me this means being able to get my thighs out of the thigh hooks while on the river) then that may be the way to go. Plus you can get them cheaper.
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