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Boat Recommendation

Hi Everyone,

New to the sport and looking for recommendations/advice on a new boat.

I live in Jackson, WY and would probably spend my first couple outings on the Snake River...nothing to intense...and them move to some more challenging water once I got some time/experience under my belt. I'm looking for something with a little versatility (if possible) that I might be able to be somehwat "lazy" with if I just want to take it easy and head down the river. I know I wont be loading any gear and taking the boat across a lake to go camping but I wouldnt mind to be able to paddle it, even if it's slow and wanders a bit, from point A to point B, but still be nimble enough to hit some rough water.

I'm about 6' tall/215lbs.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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river runner is what you are looking for. go check out rendezvous. they are all super people.
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The right one?

Find a rafting company that sells their used rafts. You'll save a couple thousand dollars. Get yourself a 14 foot self bailer. dosent really matter what kind. although Highside,Achilles,Aire,Avon are some of the ones you want. You'll be able to get a frame and oars and a box or two anywhere. Along with being able to do week long trips you can also take everything out and paddle it with a few friends. Good Luck See Ya Out There.
Big Dave
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wait does he want a kayak or a raft? i was thinking he wanted a kayak since he gave us his height and weight, although now that i reread the post it does kinda sound like he is seeking a raft.
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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the quick reply's. Sorry if my original post was confusing...I'm looking for a kayak.
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Sorry charlie

Sometimes I forget That a Kayak Is A Boat.
Big Dave
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Casper's right. You want a river runner.
Straight up river-runners tend to be a little longer than some other boats today with a little more volume. They are very forgiving and predictable. Liquid Logic's Remix and Jackson's remodeled Hero's are great examples.
There's another type that falls into this category that are more playful than the all out river-runners, often called free-runners. They are a blend of playboats and river-runners. Some boats that fall into that category are Jackson's Fun series and Liquid Logic's CR's. These will be a little be more playful, better at surfing and doing tricks. They won't have as much volume so you can't carry as much in them, though there's still space (I've done an overnighter in my Super Fun). They also won't be as forgiving to learn in. My personal feeling is that over time this makes you a better boater, but you will get worked harder in the beginning. Some people think you're better off starting in a more mellow, larger volume boat and working your way into more playful and active boats. You have to make the call on that based on your personality.

The best thing you can do is find a good shop that will let you demo multiple boats to see what you like. If you've never done any kayaking before, a class through a shop is a great way to learn and try out multiple boats.

Good luck. It's a great sport and you'll find most of the people here on the Buzz are very helpful. See ya on the water.
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