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Best Skirt??

So at has been years since I bought a new skirt, but the time has come. What does everyone think are some of the best skirts made today. I currently use a Wildwasser Hipster skirt on a Dagger Kingpin 6.2 and Nomad 8.1. I am searching for the most bombproof and driest skirt out there. Implosion bar vs. non implosion bar?

Bombergear looked sweet. Not sure what the new acquisition from Confluence will do for the quality of the product and warranties?

I would not be adverse at all to getting another Wildwasser. What do you think of the Eldo XT?

What about Snapdragon? Their most expensive skirt looks nice. Heard stories that people like them, but also heard they leak and don't work well with some boats.

Any input helps. Thanks.

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Hood River, Oregon
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IR, Bomber and Snapdragon all make good skirts- Take your pic!
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Love my Kbomb from Bomber Gear, good fit, its taking abuse well, and is super dry.

Bet he has some available that were made under his watch still. From what it sounds when I posted about the merger Rick plans to still be very involved in his product so I will still look to them first once I need a replacement.

I think I have an older version of the what is now the Eldo XT (implosion bar) and was happy with the performance, just no way it was fitting over the cockpit on my Everest.
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Mountain Surf Bombproof Dur-O-Ring. Completely waterproof.

Mountain Surf Spray Skirts - Spray Skirts
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I'm a big fan of the implosion bar. I haven't seen one come off after a big landing, but plenty of the others come loose.
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Mike, you don't need an implosion bar to run Brown's Canyon.

One comment: While I liked almost everything about the Bomber Gear skirt, the durability hasn't worked for me. Midway through the first season, I developed 3 fairly small tears in different spots around the skirt rim. I showed it to them and their policy is (or at least was) that this was abuse/wear and tear and not a warranty issue. That's probably fair, but my policy is I need a skirt that can withstand abuse better. When I run out of a Aqua Seal, I'll replace the BG skirt with something else (probably Mountain Surf). It won't be Snapdragon, which I've realized is adequate, but not the best out there.
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Also check out SkirtworkS. Love the QuickGrab Ripcord. They did a custom job for a friend of mine at no extra charge.
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Skirtworks has my business!

I am that friend.

Long time kayaker, big supporter of the old Mountain Surf.

With all the issues the old time Mountain Surf has, I went to Snapdragon. Good product, good guys at the factory as well.

Love the construction of the Snapdragon, the fit on my Jackson Super Hero and now large Villain was not good IE kept popping off the rim in the back and side when I leaned forward to put on the front. A big time pain to get on, ok when it was finally on.

ActionJackson recommended the Skirtworks as they did a custom fit at similar costs to stock skirts. Got the skirt, love the fit, construction looks basically same as the snapdragons. No problems getting it on and it stays locked in well. Before I did not want to get out of my boat on creeks cause it was next to impossible to get the skirt back on unless conditions were ideal (as being on a beach where I could do a easy seal launch). Long as skirtworks does the custom fit, they have my business!
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Hood River, Oregon
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You shouldn't need a custom skirt for a Jackson Super Hero or L Villian. If you were having issues with the skirt coming off the back end- it is likely that you had the wrong size skirt. Both of those boats are a XXL cockpit size according to most of the manufacturers now. As you can see, its a good bit larger than other makes and models in circumference.
Go with IR or Snapdragon-
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Jenks, Oklahoma
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Sorry kayak2the9

the snapdragon skirt was a XXL size as recommended by the guys at Snapdragon.

Your assumption is not valid.

Snapdragon is a good skirt, Skirtworks fits my Jackson boats far better.

Custom fit is almost always better than off the rack.
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