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Greeley, Colorado
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I'm currently looking for the best river-clean-up saw. Husky and Stihl's are what the bad asses in Oregon and Washington use, but do they come in three piece units? My friend, who I forgot his name was wondering.

P.S. Do they make chain saws with rod and beer holders? Maybe a little live bait well?

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Loveland, Colorado
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I think all saws are three piece units: the motor, the bar and the chain. The handle on my 026 is removable, but you need a big boat to fit the engine. Any smaller climbers saw should do the trick.

The look on people's faces when you pull out a chainsaw no one knew you were carrying down class V is priceless.

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I agree with Dave the only saw that will fit in your boat is a small climbers saw. I would look into some kind of drybag for your investment as well. I usually have a hand saw in my boat at all times and for limbs up to 7" it works fine. Have fun out there!

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Deckers, Colorado
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echo cs-360 best bargain for a hard working small saw.
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Spits Hot Fire
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Where can i get a stihl hat? Are those still hot right now?
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Stihl or Husky climbing saw. Both are compact and can take a 16 inch bar. Both also have very reliable chain brakes (thinking slippery rocks, etc....)

Echoes are cheaper, but less reliable. Dolmars are great saws, but hard to get parts for compared to stihl and husky.

Stay away from Poulans unless you are buying the beast (70cc+) their little saws suck.

If you end up with a larger saw, you may want to look at chainsaw winches, they are a gear box that attaches to power head, and acts as a winch. They are only as powerful as your saw, but they can do a lot of amazing work. They may be a little bulky, but if you are on a lot of wood missions that would be awesome.

Dont be a dumbass and bind you bar cutting trees, I saw an attempted log removal on the La Plata river. there was a tree that somebody attempted to remove, but the bar got pinched, and all that was left was a bar with chain jammed in it. I imagine swiming through a saw chain would hurt.

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Some good info about the winches in this thread...

I have a old husky and 2 stihls... For most cleanin I use the small stihl...
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I have to disagree somewhat, I own a Husky 339 XP, that I use to clear Dirt Bike Trails, but I borrowed a CS-400 Echo's and I was really impressed, They are typically smaller and made for smaller jobs I think. Since then I have talked to a Professional Arborist and Echo is all he buys.

Echo is a Japanese company most of us haven't heard of, but I rank their saws right up there with Husq and Stihl at least for the casual user. Maybe not for the $1200 tree fallin' saws but for the little occational use saw they are alright in my book.
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