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St. Joseph, Missouri
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Another question from the newbie`

Since I will be moving to Colorado in the spring, I'm shopping for a new boat now. I won't tell you what I have presently because you will all laugh. I won't be doing anything too crazy (class II's & III's for now). After researching all brands, I am leaning towards the mid-sized Dagger Mamba or Jackson Hero, but would like some expert opinions. I'm 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 145. If you could advise me on the best boat and proper size paddles I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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Eastern Slope, Colorado
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Move to Denver, it's really the best spot for boating. Anything in the mountains is pretty weak.
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Denver,, exhaustion
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move, then go to your local shop. Confluence in denver,Golden River in ....well golden. others can tell you the good places where they live.


the guys in the shop can help steer you in the right direction.
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Denver, Colorado
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Randaddy knows that all the best boating is actually in Kansas - or as he would call it, KansASS - since it kicks so much ASS. Or as the Demshitz kids would say, its so brown!
Besides, all the best boating in Colorado IS in Denver - I mean who can say that bridge dodging on Cherry Creek thru town is not ideal class X? Yep, so difficult it is on the 1-10 scale! HA!
The sarcasm runs deep with you Ft. Collins folks, must be something in that poudre river water!
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pnw, Colorado
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Either of those boats is fine but you never know till you demo. Wait till you get here and visit one of the many good shops and demo a boat. Then you will have a much better idea on which suits you. Outfitting can make a huge difference in your comfort so take the time to adjust it and take it on the river and make sure you feel comfy and you will be set.
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Westminster, Colorado
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Why would anyone on this forum laugh at you because of the boat you paddle presently? Tell everyone what boat you paddle and you'll get better advice about what boat you should buy next.
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Riverdale, Utah
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Paddle length:
Werner Paddles :: Our Paddles :: Whitewater:: Performance Core
for 5'6", this link says 191 for playboating, 194cm for river running. Other variables are blade size, offset (30 degrees is nice), straight or bent shaft, and materials (lighter carbon paddles are more $$).

Demoing and renting boats and paddles is a great way to go. Try an LL Remix too. Try a displacement hull boat like a Jefe or a Nomad (I see a good deal in the classifieds on a Jefe right now, although its in ID).

Buying a boat is not the end of the process of researching, demoing, and trying other boats. Its more like the middle of an ongoing process . Why have only one boat?
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St. Joseph, Missouri
Paddling Since: 2011
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 8
My present kayak is an Emotion Comet. Done laughing yet? I bought it so I could at least learn the basic strokes and get used to some moving water before I come to Colorado. Wish I had know then what I'm slowly learning. Thankfully it didn't cost alot and I've had fun with it. My goal is to run the Poudre someday. Not from Grandpa's Gorge, but maybe Devil's Staircase.
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Fort Collins, Colorado
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You'll hear the same advise from everyone: demo. But, until you paddle many different boats, you won't even know what you're missing by not getting the latest and greatest.
I haven't paddled the boats you mentioned, but have seen them on the water and my $0.02 is that either one would be a great boat. I've always thought the Hero's look great.
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Farmington, Utah
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Class II or III. I would say get a Remix 69 that will give you the ability to boat flat water to class V. Hero, and daggers have to much rocker for flatwater in my opinion. I love the remix. You should look into getting some hand paddles. You can step it up with out the consequences of class IV. PM if you are interested in hand paddles.
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