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Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Ammo Experience?

Anyone out there have experience with the Pyranha Ammo? Seems really intriguing. Best boat ever? Still kicking yourself for buying it? Somewhere in between?

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Boulder, Colorado
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I'm interested in the Ammo as well. The one person I know that has it likes it. He stated that unlike the creek boat he had, he could make it turn as easy as a playboat. He thought it would be good for class IV creeks as well as river running. There is that logic though that you don't want a plaining hull on a creek because it won't role off rocks, but have a tendency to pin instead. I'd like to hear more about that.

Here are some boat reviews I've found online that make the Ammo sound like a great boat. I'd like to hear from some other owners of the boat, though. I hear from shop owners that the boat has play as well...loops in big features.
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Evergreen, Colorado
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hey guys,

I demoed one and really want to purchase one. I am 5 11 165 so I am little bit inbetween the two sizes. I paddled te smaller one but would recomend the larger one due to the whole stern squirting deal. In the small one I backendered in the middle of "no fun falls" which not a great place to be in that situation. I can't blame it totally on the boat.

On the rest of the river I absolutley loved it. Bear creek is tight with small eddys and 350 it was a little bit pushy. I loved the feel of the play boat lines ont he boat. It felt so much better peeling and out of edys. Also I mroe than likely should have paddled the boat a little bit more agressively.

So I would say go for it. I would be buying one if i could afford it.

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Buena Vista, Colorado
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I have an Ammo and I absolutely love it. It is great for class IV creeking and any run with big waves, like the Numbers at high water. I have taken mine down Lime Creek and Clear Creek of the Ark and my only complaint is that it has the tendency to stern squirt. But for every other run I have done, it has performed great. It turns fast, tracks well, and you can even surf it.
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Golden, Colorado
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Originally Posted by SueCherry View Post
There is that logic though that you don't want a plaining hull on a creek because it won't role off rocks, but have a tendency to pin instead. I'd like to hear more about that.
I don't believe it is that significant a problem. I creeked for 3 seasons in an old Pyranha H2. Loved it. I have a Burn now (planing hull) and I haven't had a chance to paddle anything scary with it yet but I think I'm going to love it too.

The only problem I've ever had with a planing hull in a creeky situation was one time on low water SSV. I was tired, paddling lazy, and going sideways in shallow water. The hull caught a rock and my head did a "crack the whip" on the bottom when I was suddenly flipped. I don't think a "real" creek boat would have done that.

I have a "real" creekboat too but, to be honest, I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I am so hooked on planing hulls. I am going to force myself to paddle the creekboat as much as possible so I can improve my skills but when it gets pushy and more river-like than creeky, like meaty Black Rock, then the Burn is going to be my boat of choice.

I want to demo an Ammo too. I am thinking about getting one and calling it my wife's boat because I don't really have an excuse for getting another one for myself.
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Boulder, Colorado
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I am interested in it myself. I sat in medium at the shop in golden and really liked the way it felt. Probably try to get a run in it at the park next week.
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