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Boise, Idaho
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Came to an epiphany this weekend. I have been a total aire head for some time now and realized, after some carnage of course, that these two boats are not so similar. While my ocelot tracks well, is very durable and easy to repair, has a killer warranty and is a very versatile design, it is definitely skinnier, heavier, and while some say this means better tracking and less flipping, I see it as less buoyant and less maneuverable. Don't get me wrong, it's a great boat that I will have for 30 years. But when hitting lines and making moves may be the most important thing during rapids, being able to break out and cover some water is crucial. In terms of being lighter, fatter, more buoyant and more maneuverable, I will have to say advantage SOTAR. My aire tubes were half the cost no doubt, but before I hit any length of continuous class V, I will be leaning heavily toward the design that started it all...the legend.

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Sotar is better than any other boat out there.
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I concur. A little biased since I only live 20 minutes from the SOTAR shop though.
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I got a Legend this year after rafting for years and now I'm looking at rapids in a whole new light. The legend is so fast and maneuverable. Dropping into a steep and deep hole, the boat stays on top instead of torpedoing down. Worth every penny!
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Sotar ain't all that.

Don't get me wrong, they're nice boats - I've owned a few myself, but they're not leaps and bounds better than an Aire or any other brand made here in the US.

That said, I've never had a de-lam on an Aire...

jus sayin'
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Didn't you put a monster pig-weight frame on that thing? Didn't we tell you to get a WD?

Anyways, just did a Class V multiday with a bunch of cats, all Aire's and Sotars. Some older aires (minimal tip rise), even an ocelot (although I think it is slightly custom with more tip rise), and they all do great. I still think the Legend is THE boat, but if you think you went wrong with an Aire....
Living in Montana, boating in Idaho
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both are good boats. Both manufacturers put a lot of research and development into whitewater. Lets save our boat bashing for the marketers who sell the products that they select from flea markets in asia ...
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Boy Howdy!
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I love my Aire! I can fit 3 of your sisters and my girlfreind and 3 dogs + 2 geese. Just sayin....
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dude needs to change his name to Rafterbater
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I recently got to row a 14' WD with the same frame, load, oars, etc.. as my 12.5 legend. I found the WD was faster in the flats and tracked better, but seemed to get a tad bit more surfed/pulled back in big holes. Even those differences were minor. I did like how the WD seemed to a lot quicker in the current, but for a class V boat, flat water speed isn't really a concern to me.

I'm no catboating expert, but to me they are very similar boats, the only reason I like the Legend better is because it is shorter yet has the same carry capacity; it makes it nice on super tight techy stuff, but for more open rivers I would be happy with either one....
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