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Aire Lynx I: New boat leakage?

Hey Buzzards: I recently purchased an Aire Lynx I IK. Brand new, right out of the box. As part of the new boat set-up, I inflated it in my basement. Fully inflated, but NOT over inflated; I followed the owners manual about how to gauge inflation, etc. I applied a coat of 303, I wanted to do so with the boat inflated and before there was any sand in it, etc. So far, so good.

I left the boat inflated in my basement on top of a long table and went on vacation to FL, kids spring break visiting family. Almost exactly one week away. Upon my return, the right tube and floor are still firmly inflated, essentially identical to how I left them. The left tube, however, is nowhere near as firm. It'd still be very bouyant on the river, but maybe 2/3rds--3/4ths of the right tube. No obvious punctures anywhere, no hissing, etc.

I'm sure if I contacted Aire I'd get the "sure, send it to us we'll check it out" response, which is fine. But I suspect the turnaround is...30 days? Ugh, I had river plans well before then. Fwiw, I checked the tightness of each chamber's valve with the provided wrench, no issues there.

Question: Is a 25-35% leakage normal for this boat over the span of a week? If all chambers had the same issue I'd assume it's a quirk, but it's only the left tube. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks,


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I don't see why a new boat should leak that much. Call Ryder at the Aire service department, he's been amazing at pointing me in the right direction on this sort of stuff on a boat out of warranty. I got a new floor bladder and it was leaking down, it was just a tiny piece of teflon tape that got into the valve. I suspect their turn around time is much less then a month right now. You do have a 10 year warranty so if you wanna play with it for a summer or 9 you can do that then send it in.
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Aire will definitely make it right - great company.
However, if you want to try something you can try this. I once had a very similar, very slow leak in an old Aire cat tube. I couldn't find it anywhere on the bladder. I finally found it was leaking out of the valve. You can pour a little soapy water in the valve to see if this is your problem. I must have gotten a little dirt or debris inside the valve and the flap was not closing entirely. I blew it out with an air compressor. Problem solved.
Best of luck!
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What dryfly said. You need to get some soapy water and check the valve. Being its new, I'd unzip it and check the bladder if it isn't in the valve. Make sure to let it soak for a few hours. I agree it shouldn't be leaking down at all.
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good advice starting with the valve. Does the valve cap prevent the leak?

your repair kit should have a valve wrench. first see if you can find any bubbling with some soapy water. If it is leaking from the center of the valve, you may need to remove the valve to clean/lube the gasket. Often, just burping the valve a bit will remove any foreign debris that may lead to a small leak.

If it is leaking around the perimeter of the valve, tighten the valve.

I find it only possible to loosen or tighten a valve when the tube is fully inflated. Otherwise the fabric wants to bunch and twist.

if the valve appears to be fine, you may be dealing with a bladder leak which is never very fun to find, though not particularly difficult. I recommend tear aid vs a glued patch for bladder repairs... be gentle with those zippers.

good luck!
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If you do unzip it.....use lots of soapy water to help the zipper slide.


If the zippers give you any problems...stop and send it in and save yourself the money of a zipper repair job. If you can't do it with just your fingers.....don't do it at all.

Good advice sometimes comes at the cost of a bad experience with a pair of pliers and a zipper.
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Hey if you gonna ship it to Aire lmk I can tell you the cheapest way to ship. I just shipped a lynx 1 across country.
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call AIRE. the turn around will be way faster than 30 days. I had a fairly similar situation with a new raft.. They had a new one in the mail to me the next day. and paid to have the old one sent back so they could inspect it. Laced the floor in the new one for my troubles. They pressure check every boat before it leaves the factory so they where a bit baffled. The leak in my boat was fast and way more obvious.
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It you can't detect any leaks with the bubble method,it could just be variations in temperature on different parts of the boat:drafts ,heat from vents affecting one tube more than another,sunlight heating part of the room more,etc.It is also probable that the tubes were not exactly evenly filled to begin with.Over the course of a week this could be cumulative.I think one tube shrinks a little more than the other nearly always,although it is usually the floor that shrinks the most.
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Simple - Just call Aire.

I had a Cat tube arrive this way. They asked me to perform a couple simple tests then they sent a call tag to pick it up. Had it back in no time and have not had a problem since.

They have great customer service and they will take care of you and your new boat. Occasional problems are a part of any business/product. Its how they address the problem that keeps customers coming back.
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