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2012 Jackson kayaks

Who has beta on the new products coming from Jackson. Any ideas when they will release the info (update web site) on the changes for next year. I hear they are changing plastic.

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they are going to a super linear, no mas cross link, also they are bringing back the river runner type boats longer sliceyer fun to cartwheel and pirouette. They are keeping the star and rockstar series, as well as the fun and now fun runners, there is also another new addition to the river series too, but i dont know its name, they are 50-60-70 gallon models similar to the old glass wave surfer styles.

the villan is keeping the impact style bulk head but heard the super hero series is getting a fixed rail foot peg system. either one seems soild enough. I think beginers are having trouble with setting the bulkhead on the impact system so jackson is trying to provide both options.

I personally love the impact bulk system in the villan and hope they keep it as an option. I am also stoked for the new linear plastic vs the cross link. I have both a CL and SL villan now and the only gripe i have is that the CL boats seats move around on the bar or if i tighten the band clamps I move the seat and bar both, so I still move around more than in the SL. in the SL the track is welded to the floor so the seat does not move at all. I think this was the 2nd biggest reason to switch to SL from CL.

jackson rocks, so stoked to be in a jackson and looking forward to seeing what keeps coming.
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Foot pegs? Really? I hope that's not the case. In my experience foot pegs in a creek boat create a potential foot entrapment in a vertical pin or piton accident. I personally have had a shoe lace and teva straps get hung up on foot pegs when first learning and trying to wet exit.
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Jackson Foot pegs

I have a Mega Rocker, Super Hero second generation and Villain.

All have a version of the folding bulkhead setup and I really like the concept. The Mega Rocker is all aluminum and being old school I like it better than the newer plastic versions. But no issues with any of them so far.

All my boats are Cross Link and so far all work great but I have had excellent service from linear over the years so my guess is Jackson will do linear the right way.

If JK happens to read this thread, I sure hope they keep the rope bulkhead system even if only as an option.

If footpegs came standard I would gladly pay extra for the bulkhead as that is, in my opinion, the only way to go on a creek boat.
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I could be wrong, I thought they were just changing the plastic doing away with crosslink. I wouldn't imagine they would change their bulkhead system. Where did you hear that bob? I also like the bulkhead system on my villian. With that said I boated with a guy on the S fork Payette a couple months back who has a Jackson Rockstar made from the new plastic. When I seen it it looked like the new stuff was pretty durable. He seemed to be happy with how it was holding up. Sounded like
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That band clamp system needs to be overhauled. I have drilled through the tightend band clamps and skrewed them to the frame. The seat and the pilar stay in place with the upgrade. I like the bulkhead system, it does not prevent wiplash, It has saved me from some ankle pain.
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I have seen the pegs in a hero and in a side kick. I am not sure they are in a super hero but would assume so.

I have seen the pegs on about 5 boats now, again. I am not sure if it will be an option or standard for 2012. but was worth mentioning.

bank, the screw idea is genious, I have a peice of square foam around the seat to help it stay in place as well as screws in the front and back. I think i am going to try and get a plastic rod through the bar and the foam bulk head front and back as well. It does help, but man that linear seat stays put... untill i break all the track welds
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I'm pretty sure the 2012 SH has the same bulkhead that it's had in the past, about 100% sure actually.

Maybe pegs are an option, not sure about that one, but couldn't really imagine anyone wanting them over the bulkhead..........
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I cant belive any whitewater boat manufacturer wanting to be cutting edge would use foot pegs. Thats old school 80's-90's technology. Maybe they are trying to squeeze every penny for profitability. Jackson has great designs but the outfitting has been lacking( In my opinion compared to LL bad ass outfitting ) Maybe Marty can chime in and enlighten us all?
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Pegs = holes in the shell, and holes leak eventually. They did put plastic foot pegs in the 2011 SideKick, similar to ones I used in Perception boats 20+ years ago. The foot pegs were bolted through holes drilled in the shell - and holes eventually leak. A much less expensive setup than the bulkhead.

The bulk head setup is more user friendly for kids. It allows them to position their feet in any number of ways without losing foot traction. It's also quick and simple to adjust it vs. the pegs where you reach in and adjust it a notch or two, try it out, adjust again, wash, rinse, repeat. My kids rotate through the kayaks we have so easy adjustment is key for me. I was fortunate enough to find an older SideKick with the bulkhead when I bought one new from a shop this summer.
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