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Woodland Park, Colorado
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River Access Bill could shut down private boaters


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Carbondale, Colorado
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Yea fuck Bob Bishop, he is the single biggest threat that our public lands face. He is bought by whoever pays the most.

And f*?! that legislation. Pardon my French but this is seriously messed up.

Time to act! Call your senator, call your representative, write in, comment, do everything and anything. Our lands are at stake!

Thanks for the heads up on this Don, good on you to catch this.
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Never enough free time
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Someone check my read on this, but the basic gist is that the bills would give more of the limited number of available user days to commercials. Specifically, 75% commercial and 25% private.

Anyone know what the current break down is?
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Yeah I'm not sure what to make of this line:
Two bills in the House would allow unlimited special use permits for outfitting, guiding, recreational and competitive events, including guided fishing and hunting, both motorized and nonmotorized, and include areas that are already allocated with previously established ceilings of use.

So if I'm an Outiftter on the MFS I could just launch whenever I want?
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montrose, Colorado
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Where is Tom?

I know that this site has it's drawbacks, but I just hate trying to have a real discussion about something on facebook.

So, I'm happy to read some dry, technical writing on an issue that I care about, but I just have a hard time reading a bill or law and understanding what is really being said. Currently, it seems like River Runners for Wilderness is, no pun intended, the lone voice in the wilderness in opposition to these bills. A host of maybe outfitter associated groups or groups I am not familiar with support them, but also American Whitewater and a few biking and climbing groups that seem legit have voiced strong support.

As of right now, I need to educate myself a little more and try to digest what is really in these bills before I make up my mind.
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God what a convoluted pile of shit.

I don’t speak weasel word, but I have read through a few proposed bills over the years, wow.
They out did even themselves.

Emailing Congress with my public opinion on this one, emailing friends, and harassing my rep.

Thanks for letting us know Don.
It’s like a never ending battle with these creeps.
The river probably thought, “ he is such an insignificant, pitiful, little creature, with such a short time to live, I will let him go this time, and try to teach him something” - Buzz Holmstrum
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There is a ton of really, really bad stuff in the process of currently being approved by our government. Hopefully this "proposed" legislation raises enough red flags that it doesn't go anywhere.... but you all need to be paying attention to management plans that are being approved and for the most part, flying under the radar. Grand-Staicase/Escalante is a big one right now, and for southern Colorado so is the Eastern Colorado Resource Management Plan. The fed's draft of the Browns Canyon Management Plan is slated to be released October 11th.....
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Loved to death.

The elephant in the living room is logarithmic population growth. That has gotten beyond control of any group of people. All solutions are just temporary.

It's funny that plans are always just based on today's needs. Never looking to the future. Just kicking the can down the road. Like buying cheap tires every year, then 10 years have gone by.
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Does anyone have a list of Senator and Congressmen's actual e-mail addresses, not the forms from their Congressional Websites?
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This may be a format to try:

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