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Pissed land owner on Foxtox

When is it OK to take on a land owner that is out of line?
Today, My friend Eric and I were parked and dressing up for a quick trip down Foxton. We parked about a mile up from the Boulder Garden put in across from a yellow home. As I was reading all the US Forest service signs a man came out of his home down his driveway and to say the least the fight was on. He asked Erie if he could read and then told us he owned the road the river (but not the water in it, that was Denver Water) and he was sick of all the people there that try to park in this large pull out. Eric stayed cool and asked "You own the road and the river?" The older man said he did and in his word "If I want to put up a toll road here its my Fucken right" and then said he was going to come down and kick some ass. Now, not that Eric was scared. But I'm not going to let someone talk to my friend like he was and I was pissed about the situation, we were in the process of seeing if we could park there. Well, I had to join in the heated argument. After being told he was going to bend me over and fuck me, grabbing himself and being told to suck his dick. I have to say I was upset by the situation. Standing on the new Foxton toll road the man said he was going to come kick my ass then fuck me. He must not be getting any at home!!! Funny thing was he said he was going to call the Sheriff. I noticed that the Sheriff lived next door so told him well go get him he is right there. The man said his best friend was at the VA hospital on Mondays. Well after a lot of Fuck you, talking about raping my ass I told him to go call the police if he wanted. E and I parked in the spot above the Boulder Garden and had a great day on the river. I have always been told to respect land owners and their land. I grew up hunting in Nebraska so it was a must. I feel it's also a must on the rivers. But, when is it ok to stand up for yourself and what is right. I might not of had the right to park there and was checking on that (boat were not off the car). But, I have the right to access the river in almost any spot without being told I'm going to have my ass kicked. What are your thoughts?

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Foxton or chatooga ? Sounds like you were in my neck of the woods..
I was there a couple weeks back and never would have thought that would have happened..
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He sounds psychotic. Otherwise why would he have threatened to kick your ass first and then fuck you in the ass. It is usually the other way around! Just kidding.

But seriously, that sounds crazy. You're lucky he didn't attack you for real.

Headline: Lunatic on Bath Salts eats Kayakers face after confrontation regarding parking.

What in the hell is wrong with people these days? I would have been on edge the whole time on the river after that
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Originally Posted by MikeThulin1972 View Post
Foxton or chatooga ? Sounds like you were in my neck of the woods..
I was there a couple weeks back and never would have thought that would have happened..
It was between the Boulder Garden and that small store/post office thats to the west on the same road.
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Does sound like an asshole on the Woodall put in on section IV. That bastard has slashed tires, came down with a gun, and started fights all over someone going 20mph instead of 15mph. I heard he got his ass beat down by a kayaker one day for coming down with a gun. Land owners have rights, but so do we, and at times we need to stand up.
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Usually I would say to just apologize and leave the situation. However, if you were on the side of a public road, you were on public property. If you walked down from the blacktop, you didn't trespass on his land. I think you handled it well, not sure I would have kept my cool.
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I just have to back up Brian. I was there and all that happened. Ive been thinking about it a lot and that guy is just freaking nuts. I'm glad Brian, aka Killa B, was there to back me up.
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Dipshit with the most.
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Fuck him.

File a police report. Tis bullshit and he needs to calm his shit down.

Harassment Misdemeanor Offense Law in Colorado

Seems it's CO statute..whether they will actually arrest him with two witnesses. It is NOT ok to threaten to rape someone.

Good luck.
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I agree, file a police report. And for yourself, document in detail everything that happened, with date and approx. times.

I've heard that "toll road" lie before, too. Not along a river, but on a road. A private road SHARED by many homeowners, some of whom we are friends with. One such household must be very, very, very paranoid about something in their property...hmm wonder what that could be? They have 2 huge mean dogs they let run loose despite the leash law that DOES apply to a shared road, even a private one.

To make a long story short, the woman claimed that 1) she owned the entire road herself, 2) the land we passed through belonged to BLM (there is no BLM land anywhere nearby, 3) she, as the sole owner of the road that passed along said BLM land, had the right to charge us fees for walking on the road, and 4) if we wanted access we would not only have to pay fees but we would have to get every homeowner in the entire neighborhood to give us written permission to do so (gee, I guess she didn't own the whole road after all...). She and hubby later called the cops and lied to them when I walked on a PUBLIC road a half mile away, to try to intimidate us further.

We talked to a lawyer and he confirmed that she was wrong on all 4 of her claims. The sheriffs also said if their bullying continued it would be considered harassment. The woman literally drove her car along us screaming, SCREAMING, her lies out the window. There are a lot of nutcases out there, so start protecting yourself with knowledge, documentation, maybe video, maybe something more "forceful" if you have good impulse control.
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Yeah that is why the Buffalo Crk. to the Boulder Garden does 'nt get run much, hard to park. You can park at that store ( ask inside) or at the bridge on the highway.If you put up with flat water at the beginning there are some decent III's and a finish at the BG or like a 11 mile run through Waterton.We usually put in right above the BG or do the middle part down stream.
I t is pretty well signed up there, b s or not.I try to respect landowners and avoids doing anything that would screw things up for other paddlers.But if the dude is that out of line, threatening to b f you, it would be hard not to call his bluff and kick the holy living piss out of him if he comes down to public property to hook it up.Probably best just to leave.Look out for vehicle vandalism.
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