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Boat Pinned in Kirschbaums

There is a blue nomad pinned in the runout of Kirschbaum's dead center of the river right where the river starts to get rocky about 50 yards past the end of Kirschabum's proper. You can't see the boat from upstream, and probably won't notice it unless you boof right over it or look back after you pass it. It appears to be far enough under water to be out of play, and shouldn't cause any problems unless it moves.

We spent 3 hours saturday with a rope and a z drag on the boat, and only managed to get it stuck deeper in the water. We went back in today, but with the new position on the boat and slightly higher water levels we couldn't get a rope on the boat.

Our guess is we won't be able to get the boat out until the water is 900 or lower. We will be back in to try to get the boat out when the water drops.

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I be happy to help you if it drops. with are pulleys combined we could rig a 5 to 1 or even a 9 to 1.
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pull from a different angle, with a few guys you shouldn't need more that a 3:1 if that. And with a few people yarding on a 9:1 your going to break the rope.
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I think it wasn't a power issue it was a direction issue. The boat is under water with the cockpit facing downstream and wrapped around a downstream rock. There are rocks surrounding the boat on all sides upstream as well.

We initially had a 3:1 on the river right side, but we were basically pulling the boat into rocks. We tried a few different angles, but nothing doing. Unfortunately, we had the rope attached on the river right side of the boat and the angles were off.

The river left side looked better, but it was much harder to get the rope over there. By the time we worked the rope over to the left side of the river it was getting dark. We gave it a couple of tries on the left, broke a rope and then decided to get the ropes off the boat and try in the morning. I think that pulling up stream on river left at a 45 degree angle would have been our best shot if we had time.

Just getting to the boat is the biggest problem right now, and with the water up again today its gonna be real tough to get to.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
...And with a few people yarding on a 9:1 your going to break the rope.
Anecdote for those interested - I was talking with a hydrologist acquaintance who works in a lab where they just tested various ropes under a 9:1 z drag and the results were...not good for the ropes. They had a rope snap back and break an aluminum support beam in the test tank where they were operating.

I speculating here, but I assume that they were using all sorts of rope, including some quality static ropes as their research is targeted to emergency professionals.

anecdote =/= data; But I wouldn't want to be yarding on a 9:1. If you do, check your vectors carefully.
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Good luck fellas. I tried to grab it Sunday AM but that boat is stuck! Curious to hear if anybody can retrieve it before the water drops.
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Just to clarify if anyone sees it this week and tries to get it out, river right with a 45 degree angle looks better*

I think like brian said the main problem now is actually getting to the boat. We were able to scramble up to it on saturday, but sunday our rock islands/ close eddies were gone. 900 should be a good level for that, so once it hits around that level we will go get it. I think angle over power is the key to getting to this one. The bow and stern are wedged nicely and the cockpit is definately romancing the stone.
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who ever pulls out the boat should get some pictures of the recovery and post them! good luck, hope all goes well
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My two cents... Better to wait til the water drops than put more ropes in gore. I recall a past kbomb rescue that put ropes in the water.

Another vote against the 9:1 mech advantage. A loaded rope breaking can snap back and seriously hurt you.

Good luck getting the boat when you can.
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That things gonna be toast might as well put a hole in it to help the process
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