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Bailey wood report 7/20

6 of us ran it late this afternoon, at about 500 cfs. Great time in there.

Lots of wood has moved around this season, but none of it is presently sketchy. Lots of stuff that that looks like it could move soon or might be a little worse with less water.

One to look out for is the boof below the steeps and above Supermax. It visibly blocks the main boof and the right line, but it also sticks further left than may be apparent. Stay hard left.

Also there are a few that would not be raft friendly. one that we've been going under for years, that only has the branches trimmed for safe kayak passage and another on an innocuous ledge drop near the end, that kayaks can boof at this level, but a raft would not slip over easily.

Iit was great to see Forrest's new nomad get recirced in first falls. That's right, forrest wasn't even in the trip.

More water is flushing into the hole at first falls from river right, making it incredibly sticky. Gee who would run that without looking at it in five years?

Good stuff bro.


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Gosh, I wonder who swam? Hope they didn't drive a long ways.
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Do you think the wood in the river would be too much for a raft...or just a pain to get around (still worth it in a raft or no, in your opinion) Thanks

There is always a reason not to...
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Hard to say. I've rowed lots, but not done any paddle raft creeking missions. It did drop down to 400 last night, which should still be enough.

I wouldn't let the wood deter you. Be sure to have competent kayakers that want to help you catch eddies above the wood and portage. I can only think of two wood portages.

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The next zone, .
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Thanks for the update..

There is a group of 3 makin our way up - leavin bv at about 9:15 so we will be at the takeout around 11:30 to Noon...
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Thanks for the heads up Dave. Much appreciated.

I've found myself wishing several times that the in-between rapids on bailey had consistent well known names (maybe they already have them?), primarily for wood discussion like this. So many times I've had the conversation of "you know the one, below the other one, where you boof, and there is a ledge". Invariably I get confused.

Below 4 falls you have the notch slot, then the long S-turn with the pin spot. Below the s-turn is a horizon line where you can enter left or right with both funneling into a straight away set of drops at the bottom. Is this the one with the wood in it blocking the right line?

Anyone have names for these rapids that are commonly used?

I guess the only names I regularly use are...

4 falls
the notch
s- turn
deer creek
mystery eddy
Any others?

First falls "no look to chunder" move... ouch!
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oh yeah
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there are four distinct rapids in the steeps. the notch, another one, s- turn, and then another. steeps #2 and #4 need names.

also, there is a rapid below trashcan that seems to be a wood magnet. the one i'm thinking of has a good lead in hole in the middle of the current at higher flows and then wood has collected in the middle and right slots in the past. i think a boat was pinned there a year or two back. i always run this one in the far left channel to avoid any possible wood encounters. does anyone know which one i'm refering to and have a name suggestion?

ssv also suffers from unnamed rapids.

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I want more details regarding the unman'ed craft at four falls. Pictures would be especially appreciated.
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An edge worth of water to stuff move? Do tell.

That first drop has been getting weird...
Kyle McCutchen
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LOL, I got stuffed. Got it done after a minor detail. I ran that drop perfect, or at least how I wanted to run it.

You have to be able to keep up to get a pic, so none available although I did fight for a while. Might have walked it after a look, who knows. Boat stayed for 5 minutes after an eject, lol. It was a great night of kayaking though.

4th swim of the year, I'm getting it done.

Also I have never paddled Forrest's boat without swimming, must be a sign to take Parkers trash next time.

Also, why does everything need a name? The people who paddled it first gave the names of what they wanted, leave the rest alone.

four falls, notch, steep 1, steep 2, max pleasure, trash and deer creek.
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