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Klamath Falls, Oregon
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A message from a medical professional...


I hope this post finds you safe and well. I must say that when I read these posts asking: "Can I go rafting" "My trip is closed" "this isn't a big deal", it breaks my heart.

This isn't about you. Please stay home and practice good social distancing. Although COVID-19 can, does and will kill young healthy people, the vast majority of those who will die, will be those who are older and have preexisting medical conditions. This is about them. This is not about you. If you want to live in a society that doesn't protect its most vulnerable, then that is downright shameful.

Staying at home and practicing social distancing the way your state and local officials recommend, is our current best option. This is now a patriotic action.

Last night, my wife, who is a physician, and I had the discussion on which one of us will go volunteer in the hospital and which one stays home with the children ages 6 month and 3 years. As you read this, there are Americans making great sacrifices for others right now. Please stay home.



P.S. If there was anyway I could avoid going to a medical facility I would. If you break your leg while out riding your bike what are you going to do? Go to the hospital?

P.P.S. Do a you tube search on intubation. Looks like hell, doesn't it?

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Originally Posted by kfalls View Post
P.P.S. Do a you tube search on intubation. Looks like hell, doesn't it?
Thank you kfalls for mentioning the "human" element at this time. All of these graphics of curves and bars should have a fill pattern of arms, legs and heads sticking out of a pile that truly defines the end product of a pandemic.

I did as recommended and went to youtube "intubation". As you know, even more horrible is failed intubation, that is, pulling the plugs and tubes and the "hell" one experiences during end of life.

We in Colorado and Oregon have protocols that will assist the suffering at end of life. Do you know if such options exist at this time in such cases other than just upping the morphine in the drip?

Thank you again and sorry for such a sad question,

And I especially thank you and your family for your service.
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Thank you

And certainly now, not us vs. them; not me, me, me

Strongly second, "please stay home"

You and your family are patriots, first class

Again, thank you
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
Zen verse
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Arvada, Colorado
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All the support in the world for your message. I want to go rafting as much as anyone here, but not at that cost.

You've all seen the number of potential fatalities, so I'm going to take a more personal approach.

As an EMT working just north of Denver, I'm going to echo kfalls plea, please stay home. While the elderly population is most at risk here, younger populations are not invincible to the effects of this virus and I am now regularly hearing stories from other care providers about healthy people in their 30s dying or on ventilators in the ICU. While it's a small chance, this is not how I want to die, and worse is the thought that I could bring this home to my family.

This too will eventually pass, we'll all be on the river's again soon enough.
In the meantime, please stay home.
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Thank you for your perspective and sacrifice Ben.

There are hardships and sacrifices by many including my children with at home young children that live in my city. I would like nothing better than to have their families isolate per Washington State’s “strong request”, however they are required to go to work due to deemed essential functions (food, medical & adult care) for WA State. At this time, I would rather see them take a financial “hit” from being unemployed than be employed, which I have the ability to financially assist.

Money is no object.

Parting statement: I have a niece (38 years old) that is an OB Resident in Delaware and her husband is an E.R. doctor in Maryland. Her father is an estate planning attorney 10 miles from the epicenter of Washington’s outbreak. Her mom received a call earlier this week from Emily asking dad to work on a trust/will for her and her husband.

My sister is devastated emotionally.
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This could be posted in any number of the current threads and this one is as good as any.

This is a link to an article about SAR during the pandemic. Kudos to all of the First Responders out there doing all that they can to help people in need while putting themselves at risk.

See below.
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Thanks for posting and thanks to all the pre-hospital & hospital care folks out there.

For a little levity while getting the message across...
stay the fuck home song-
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Thatís a very catchy tune. I bet it goes viral.
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“Until that day I didn’t realize how many different ways the result of our actions could put people at risk in regard to the virus.”

How best to have this message repeated everywhere, to everybody, every time folks look at their phones, across TV screens, etc.??
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
Zen verse
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A solvable vector of virus spread exists in supermarkets.

I, for one, consider going to the grocery store as essential and I will continue to do so unafraid. I practice distancing, not touching body orifices, and hand washing once home. I figure if I get it by environmental reasons, it will be a smaller dose and more easily managed. Rather than swapping spit with an infected person, no matter who it is and what the political or social conditions are.

But in the grocery store, the vegetables are just laying out there with those thin plastic bags around them. Anyone been successful in getting one of those bags open without licking your finger ? A possible land mine for someone that just cuts up a discarded specimen and eats it.

I'm not one to just poke at problems and not offer a solution, so I thought that maybe Grocers here could follow Europe's age-old practices of having a produce vendor give you the produce you want directly. No pawing through to find the best one. They know the produce, they give the next person the best one at the time. At least during the crisis then see if it works going forward later.

How to communicate that, though, is the crux.
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