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gunnison, Colorado
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courses abroad?

Heya everyone-

Just wondering if anyone has any preliminary beta on programs doing eco tourism style guide training, bcu/aca kayak instructor certs (esp sea,) perhaps some sailing program maybe in Central/South America, the Carribean, or South Africa? Maybe SE Asia?

..anyone have any destination/program suggestions that don't get good coverage on google?

(the pure question being asked, what follows is a bunch of rambling that may increase the quality of information someone inclined to answer may be able to share.) the background of my thought process, I'm exploring getting into sea-kayaking and sailing as a guide/instructor/logistical hand, abroad, even if only on a hand-to-mouth subsistence sort of professional level. To be any kind of a paid hand to basically any kind of an outfitter is what I want to be doing. I have general business/technical/labor skills to add anywhere but over the last few seasons my best days are all the days when I am engaged in teaching paddling fundamentals as well... so some background..

I feel too old and dirtbaggy for modern NOLS, although maybe i need that sort of mental haircut right now heh. NOLS Adult sailing baja comes up pretty high on my list of potential trips. Am 38yo now, started whitewater kayaking when roughly 14-15. After the initial 4 years I sorta boated 3 years on, 1-2 years off, then programming career went big time and it was a -solid- 4 off.. actually there was an illness in here. Its the part in my bio where whitewater athleticism essentially dies, but the love for it goes more idk.. altruistic or something. After career leveled out I got a few more real busyish IVish seasons in. Currently its only 1 couch year, endurance health is basically world class in terms of survival-fitness but not for the sake of any kind of competition. 33 point flatwater cartwheels are a thing of the distant past.

For enough of my last life professional bit of life I was principal engineer of a silicon valley level financial tech product. It worked out for me sort of like it works out for a safety kayaker pointing positive on an otherwise doomed blind corner.That is to say, I am okay aside from the shock of witnessed such carnage.

Watching people make fatal decisions that I am telling them not to make sort of soured me on playing the PE on something that I am not also PA and CEO of. So I've got something of that nature on the back-burner, a software project in prototype, but its not really a get rich quick sort of venture. Gotta do something rewarding otherwise. And eat. So, now I'd like to get the instructor-of-paddling-fundamentals thing off of the back burner where I put it when I was like 19 and ... might as well.. take a really great vacation that hopefully extends into the rest of the ongoing adventure that has been life.

Of course, I know, training for the sake of training is way more available in the states, if not potentially more valuable. I suspect, however, there just may be some truly exceptional people to meet if I look abroad. Or maybe some old acquaintances floating around out there catch up with.
yehyeh its true, I had a pretty serious false start on my instructoring plans a few years ago, but really, its better to have completely quit alcohol first. tedious and expensive.

i really really relly need a good adventure vacation.
honstly, doing an urban river tour of india on an upcycled barge built at the putin with improvised hand tools and twine sounds like a blast. anyone wanna come?

half seriousness aside..actually there is a lot to learn about navigating the ocean and some place to go and learn with some outfitting career in mind is actually what I am here fishing for

(pm me if your interested in doing the cultural shanty float expedition.)


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Westminster, Colorado
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Certifications? CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder?

A gentle suggestion...concise, bullet points to transmit information

Best of luck in your new adventures!
"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
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gunnison, Colorado
Paddling Since: 1998
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> Certifications? CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder?

Never wfr, long-expired cpr/first-aid. Tis' not the season in this part of the rockies, earliest im seeing for any wfr is march. So I figure if I don't find some bundled thing ill be doing wfr and aca and swr like a racehorse between march and may, if I don't make it to the ocean.

> A gentle suggestion...concise, bullet points to transmit information

thanks - somehow worth the embarrasement. pretty serious gut-check in progress
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