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This is another video from the same boater but 2.5 miles upstream. These are well prepared boaters with a good boatman leading, and they had two incidents in the first five miles. Look at how tight his rig is too. No extra crap sticking up anywhere, solid boater, good assistant in the bow. The river is moving here.

From when he eddied out to Murph's Hole ( where the boatman ejected) is exactly one mile. In the vid going slow he does it in just over six minutes. So true river speed if you don't try to go slow is likely 12 to 13 mph, with minimal eddies.

Also I want to point out the three craft on river right at the end of this video were pulled over because of this incident below. Brad and his trip came two days early as the pass was very late to open with all the spring snow. My crew opened it up on June 14th so we could launch on the 15th. They launched the next day. He helped us shovel for a while in shorts and flip flops. Sure seemed like a nice guy.

The river really is only class IV, but with access and evacuation very challenging one must be very organized and prepared.
Not trying to talk you out of this at all, but I have seen the aftermath when things don't go well.

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Originally Posted by carvedog View Post

The river really is only class IV,
Probably class 5 where his from??? Big pushy cold continuous class 4 with wood!

Even the last gorge takes ppl out. Its not just the top... You can get kicked in the mid section all the way down if your not ready..

Can't go back! must go forward. Very odd feeling for people... if its their first.

So stocked for spring!!!!!
Switching to mgtow saved 100% on thot insurance...
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Originally Posted by wshutt View Post
No one calling troll yet? I may be wrong, it has happened before but this one smells like the Aug 24th one, just a bit fishy, fishy .....
What would be the motive for trolling?
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I’ve launched on Marsh when the gauge read 8.5 on June 2nd (2 years ago). I’ve done several other trips at 7 feet or higher. On the 8.5 ft trip, we were mostly seasoned Middle Fork guides and expert kayakers. On Marsh, we encountered another group’s red raft skewered on a log jam that extended 3/4 across the river on a very difficult corner- it’s not hard to see how even an experienced group could’ve ended up there. We also had a brief pin/pileup with an 18’er and a cat there. Nothing too bad, but required ropes. That log jam was still there last season on my May 9th 7.5 ft trip. We found the group a little ways downstream- their plan was to take out at dagger when the road opened (a week or more later?!) because they were so scared. Most of us portaged Dagger the next morning (3 18’ers, and a few more smaller boats) except 3 very brave kayakers (1 swam- and he’s probably the best boater I know). We had a flip on Dohr rock and in haystack. Both required chasing the boats for almost half a mile. I’ve also managed to surf Velvet at 5.4 feet in a Maravia Spider for over a minute... and came out upright.

Last year a group of guides from the east made the good decision to fly into Indian instead, but were still pretty scared of the level (7.5). Half their group made it in before weather shut down the flights and they were left with no food for two days. We gave them a lot of ours.

But yeah... you should probably cancel that permit.
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Early May MF and only 1 year experience... yikes! I'm no expert but this sounds like you'd be lucky to make it out alive.
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I have about 30 MF trips under my belt. Anywhere from 1.78 to 6; all from Boundary. I have about 60+ trips down Hells Canyon, 1 Grand, several Main Salmon, 1 Green, and 1 Yampa plus many day trips down the South Fork of the Payette.
My group is very experienced but we are all getting older. Our rule is 6-ish feet and dropping or we don’t go. Also, many in my group have run dagger when the road to Boundary is closed. They say “did it and won’t do it again”.
Not to be mean but I would not go on a trip at that time of year with anybody with only 1 year experience. You can get into a rough spot very quickly and that would put me in a rough spot too.
Not trying to be mean just practical. I turned down a high water Main Salmon once because I would have been the most experienced boater, by far, on the trip. It’s not just the ability to run it, nor the ability to rescue, but the person that needs rescuing needs to know what to do to keep themselves and the rescuers safe.
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I concur with wyosam. The road into the put in may not be open in time for your permit.

Whomever you get to support your trip, they need to be prepared for flood stage water with NO eddy's. Extremely difficult to land and if you flip a boat, you may not be able to recover it for miles. At high water, the Middle Fork isn't a river to take lightly or with novice boaters.
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Here is a link that outlines high water on the MF:
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Originally Posted by LJPurvis View Post
Here is a link that outlines high water on the MF:
A good rough outline. And yet he missed one of the biggest features on the river at high water, which is Weber. And you can't sneak it that I know of.

Rubber on the other hand - washes out over 7 feet. Almost. Big highway down the left anyway.

Middle Fork dreaming now. I tried to get on at 9 feet a few years back, but couldn't get the right crew together.
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Be Careful

I agree with much that has been said here. I ran the MF at around 4.25 feet last year, which was a very fun level. Even at that level there were plenty of hard moves that an inexperienced kayaker might not be comfortable with. The day we put on last summer a rafter died on the last rapid we hit that day, and was a solid reminder that a river can be unforgiving.

There are many good crews on here that would be great to go with, but please consider your abilities and most of all your limitations. I have been kayaking for more than 20 years and teach kayaking in the summers. Even I had a few puckering moments on the Middle Fork, and it was surprisingly thrilling. 100+ miles of fast moving water is no joke!

Good luck with your decision, and I will say that it was one of the coolest places I've ever been... just make sure you're ready.

Here is a video from last June:

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