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White R. BC
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Durango, Colorado
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Why boat?

So I was talking with a bud about some some beautiful kayak trip I did and he said "yea, I am getting more into the esthetic part of kayaking" and I was blown away. The esthetic part is a huge for me, getting on some new (or old) run to see what there is there is such an amazing part of the trip for me. Maybe it's a given, have you ever kayaked ugly water?

Don't get me wrong, giving the adrenal glands a workout at a horizon line is maybe even bigger for me too, but it's the whole deal for me. The beauty, the rush, the spirituality of new (or old) water, the physical dance, the boat and how you have to move that particular one in that water. I guess I can't break it down.

Maybe it's a class thing. I am a conservative 4+ boater, and he is (or was when we talked about it) a solid class 5 boater. I don't know how class 5 boaters look at it since I'm not one.

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I like this topic.....a nice thing to ponder when there's not much (if any) water around.

Personally, I can't really adequately put it into words. Other than Confluence, I can't really think of ANY "ugly" water. Spirituallity plays a big part for me......I feel more connected to who I really am when I'm in my boat, off the beaten path (so to speak), enjoying the beauty of this world, testing myself physically. Continuous and growing respect for rivers.......trying to understand them and knowing full well I never truly will (I don't think it's possible in the grand scheme of things). Realizing just about any river can kick your ass at just about any time.

Adrenaline is pretty sweet too.

It'll be a sad sad day when my arms fall off from boatin' too much in my lifetime (which is the plan).
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well, i read in the CRC about clear creek being "ugly" - roadside, blasted sharp rocks, and when boating into idahoe springs, ugly does seem an apt adjective, however i have so much dam fun in there, it is not ugly to me peronsally. so close, relatively long season, good class IV/V action!!! - i wouldn't trade it.
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Paddlers from Kansas are like your drunken buddy at the bar............we take what we can get, ugly or not
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White R. BC
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Durango, Colorado
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Fun, yea that about sums it up. Ah, the persuit of happiness! I just Love to boat! Got to see how Smelters looks at low water. Later.
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I think for me, and for most boaters, paddling (no matter what craft it is you paddle) is not just a sport or an activity or a thrill. Paddling is a lifestyle. It is an escape from the corporate world. It is a way to see deep box canyons, brightly colored cliff walls, and tracts of remote wilderness as far as the eye can see: places ninety percent of the world's population will never even have the chance to see. As a paddler, you learn to harness the power of nature and work with it to accomplish your goals, not conquer it into submitting to your will (because that is impossible). It gives us a medium in which to test our skills, progress, and push ourselves further every time we go out. Paddling is a way to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. It gives a thrill and adrenaline rush but it also gives us the feeling of serene solitude and puts things in perspective. For many of us, being alone in the wilderness with just a boat and river is the most spiritual feeling there is. Paddling is not any one of these things but all of these things and much much more: Paddling is my lifestyle.

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no tengo
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I am an addict. neeed my fix! had to ski sunday cause i haven't been on the water since Nov 12!!! dont know if i can hold out much longer...
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White R. BC
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Durango, Colorado
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Common Dana, Smelters yesterday was great!

I was wondering if it was a fools errand as I walked up, but the soaring bald eagle and ravens circling Smelter Mountain assured me all was good. No, I didn't take the play boat, it needs to be 50's (not 40's) and full sun to do a lot of rolls. I had promised the Mafia that since we had hauled it all the way to OR and just used the playboats that I would take it out. Although I wish I had had it in the Narrows of the Wilson.

Practiced boofs, back ferries, attainments, spins, even front surfs in side pocket. I know, I'm easily amused.
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White R. BC
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Durango, Colorado
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Actually a playboat was fine on the Wilson. Just needed a better line!
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Why We Boat...

Count says it pretty well for me. I first got into rafting as a way to get to "wilderness" campsites, and because the rapids were a rush. Then something happened and now when I'm pushing away from the shore there's a feeling of going home to a place in my psyche where all is well.

There's also the social aspect of it, and sometimes I just like to go camp out somewhere on a river by myself.

--Andy H.
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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