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Whitewater Troubleshooter - Strategy

Good Monday Morning,

I hope folks are out running river rather than visiting forums, but for those of us stuck behind computers here is some more food for thought. Disclaimer: By no means is this series an end all, be all to whitewater paddling. Instead it is merely a presentation to ask questions and make us think critically about our approaches to whitewater paddling. If you like to think and share your thoughts, then this is your cup of tea. If not, well... then it may not be.

Blog - (Wordpress is glitchy today):
Whitewater Troubleshooter Blog Archive Strategy is your Style

Whitewater Troubleshooter - Strategy - Episode 5 - YouTube

Thanks again to those who have watched, shared and added to the discussion!

Chris Wing
H2o Dreams

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I've really enjoyed each of your videos so far and find them to be very thoughtful and professionally made... A nice diversion from the standard instructional video! Awesome how they seem to really focus on the mental aspect of kayaking and how different things work for different people! Keep up the good work!
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Interesting take on "strategy." Seems like you jump around a bit from topic to topic during the video with no defining points or complete messages to bring home. I think your videos would benefit a lot from something like a bulleted outline of the lesson with the main points highlighted.

I teach what we call "river running strategy" during Swiftwater Rescue courses and it basically covers -

1. Ways to communicate - verbal vs. non verbal
2. How to eddy hop, both with a leader and sweep, and leapfrogging
3. How and when to shore scout vs. boat scout

This seems like a lot of what you were trying to get after but I found some pieces noticeably missing. Maybe I'm asking too much and these videos are intended just to give a few pointers and talking points, and not a complete lesson but it seems dangerous to say that boat scouting and eddy hopping is your favorite way to scout and run the river, and then to only qualify it with "but when in doubt, scout." It seems like a much more valuable lesson would be to go over when you can and can't boat scout. Cool idea for the videos but I think the lessons need some refinement. Just one example. You asked us to share so I shared
Evan Stafford
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Originally Posted by RiverWrangler View Post
Interesting take on "strategy." Seems like you jump around a bit from topic to topic during the video with no defining points or complete messages to bring home.
I agree completely. It seems he just starts to get into a good topic, then backs out of it abruptly.

Now I'm not complaining, mind you--these videos are great in my opinion, but this one seemed to lack focus a little....or maybe 'meat' is perhaps a better word.
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I love these videos and I think h2odreams is doing a really wonderful service to the kayaking community by trying to refocus much of the conversation back on skills based training and instruction.

What is trying to be done with these videos is very hard though... How do you convey all the information you intend to cover, yet still keep it all brief enough to hold the shot attention spans of most viewers? It's a fine line for sure. This is a question that I struggle with as I'll often go on and on about a topic when teaching and lose the students interest, even though it's interesting to me!

For a comment, I feel this particular video skims over too many aspects of "strategy." Maybe it could best be presented as being broken into a series of three of four segments... something like: river reading, how and when to boat-scout, using the current and features to your advantage, and group dynamics and communication...

This is not a negative criticism, just some feedback for the conversation. I am stoked to see well produced media like this being put out there. Thanks! And keep up the good work!

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