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White water sports in caves

Does the us have any rivers that go through caves, cause I remember the biggest reason I still think the shotover in New Zealand was pretty cool not only because it had great rapids but it had a cave near the end, I was in a raft at the time, since I’ll be a beginner riverboarder if there are cave based rivers here that have at least a class 3, although I wonder if my boogie boarding skills help with riverboard skills since they are both the same concept right? You lay down on both and steer, which I’m good at.

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Going into caves in water is something with serious consequences for a minor mishap. It's really cool that there's a place in NZ where folks do this, but unless it's a regular tourist attraction, I'd suggest you get lots of info about the place before doing anything like this, and also consider some kind of scouting if possible. It'll be "GAME OVER" pretty quick if you don't know a lot about what you're doing, and I'd think that any kind of cave experience whatsoever would be so rare that just being there would supersede any need for having whitewater.

I used to know a cave diver long ago and remember hearing a statistic that average cave SCUBA diving life expectancy was 2 dives. One dive for all the people that went in and died on their first dive and the average of 2 from all the others who took it seriously, trained, and survived multiple dives (often body recoveries).

Be safe out there,

Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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Originally Posted by Andy H. View Post
...unless it's a regular tourist attraction...
It's a pretty famous tourist attraction, and one of the places you can see the glow worms.

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There are several caves that have been paddled through in Central America.They are mostly flat water.The Caves Branch of the Sibun ,in Belize,is a major tourist attraction ,often overrun by tubers on cruise ship junkets.It can be rafted or kayaked privately in off hours.It has multiple caves with short sections above ground in between.You must know which cave to portage.At the end there is a jungle section to the takeout that has some II's
Candelaria Caves in Guatemala is similar, but sounds better,not overrun by tourists but remote and has easy rapids in the caves.
Barton Creek Cave BZ ,( the only one of these I've done) you paddle about 4 km and back in a cave with Mayan artifacts ,towering cielings,bats ,and the usual speliothims.No rapids.

La Ventana on Rio Auguan in Honduras has been paddled through,don't know if it has rapids or has been done since the 1st D.

There are tons of caves down there ,many with artifacts.Some of them can be visited on paddling trips,like those on the upr.Chiyu,(GT)and ATM Cave on Roaring Creek(BZ)

A couple that cannot be run but are around gnarly rivers:The Cahabon River goes through Semuc Champey,a spectacular travertine bridge/staircase of pools and waterfalls above ground while the river goes subterranean .The canyon above the cave is gnar (i think still unrun) solid class V goes straight into the cave and comes out about 1 km(?)dwnstream.You can cliff jump into the pool at the bottom and swim and climb up into the cave exit,AWESOME!
There is a portage of a waterfall that drops into an abyss ,in Rio Chich(upr.Shumulja).You are running an expert run and have to repel into the cave to portage/continue down river.

You asked about US,WotSR tells of Warm Springs Creek Wyo goes through two caves.The run is V but the caves are mellow.Nearby the Popo Agie is kind of like Semuc Champey the gnarly river disappears underground.

The cone shaped islands off Phuket ,Thailand,can be paddled to and there are sea caves that you can paddle through to access the island's centers with spectacular lost world ecosystems.Really cool but probably being ruined by tourists.Then there's the Blue Grotto,way cool,but you'd likely really piss off a bunch of Italian gondoliers,if you tried to go on your own.
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The first thing that comes to mind is the Sinks Run on the Popo Agie, but you take out above the cave... you don't paddle into it. The whole river goes underground for a while.

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Puerto Rico is part of the United States, right?
And the Tanama River has cave tubing, which is also close to whitewater cave kayaking, right?
"If I'm not there, it means I'm dead...or late!" General W.R. Monger
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Tunnel chute rapid MF American
more snow = more water
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I think that this is jus what you're looking for.
Please check it out and bring us pics,
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