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Which would you take down the Grand Canyon

I have an RPM, an EZG and a DR Mafia. Which would you choose for a Grand Canyon trip?

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the RPM you can catch the big waves on the fly
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My vote would be for the RPM but I'm certain that many others are goning to vote for the WS boat. For reference I've been down 4 times in a kayak.
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Depends on what you like and what your skill level is. If you have a bomber roll and paddle the EZG on most III/IV river runs, I'd take the EZG. I took my EZG and loved it. It makes the rapids more fun than just bombing down in a big boat. There were a few waves that were too fast to catch in a small boat, but it was made up for by the small holes and waves on the sides of the river that were too small for big boats to play in. If you are comfy in it paddling for a long day, bring it.

If you are not so sure about big water and want more stability or comfort, bring one of the bigger boats.

The most fun I had on the grand was surfing big ass waves that you could get most any boat on, and plowing through the meat of just about anything in the EZG. Action!
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I'd second the notion of whatever you usually paddle big water III/IV in. I took a Lil' Joe and loved it - I'm no rockstar playboater anyways; it was comfy and kept me on line and out of the junk. If you're asking the question in the first place, my guess is the RPM would give you a better all-around trip - However (trickass, think Real-T), if you want to charge the whitewater aspect and step it up and/or challenge yourself, bring the EZG.

The most fun I had on the Grand was PBR's with a good crew and digging on the mad Anasazi GC vibe. Horseshoes!!
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Big boat = boredom. How long before you get bored front surfing? Take DSP advice and take the short boat. There are some great holes to be rode.

I took a project 52 down there last & loved it.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure. - Helen Keller
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e-town, Colorado
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not more than a month ago i took a bigger boat ( ws z boat), and I wish I had my ezg. although there are some big waves that I missed ina smaller boat a few years ago, I was glad to surf the smaller stuff near cmp, lunch, etc. there are plenty of big eaves that you cn catch in a smaller boat. but, the bottom eline is; wlhatever is most comfostable, you will be in that boat 4-5-6 hours a day. so take the boat that you are comfortable in boating, and sitting, and the one you can fit a peli box in between your legs, he,he, for the camera, and stuff. take the ezg. oh and WHEN someone drops out pm me, I have rubber or plastic!
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18' bucket boat loaded with beer!
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nikki kelly team dagger


I just finished an amazing trip on the Canyon, i am excited for you. I would have preferred a long boat, so so many waves, and so so many that i could not catch in the small boat. Also there is a high percentage of flat water, which is enjoyable to paddle in a boat that tracks and moves along, great scenery, sit back, enjoy the work out and take it all in.

check out www.teamdagger.com Water conservation is the driving force behind our trip.

have a lovely time
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rock island, Tennessee
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If you like to wave wheel and macho move..the play is sick

If you don't wave-wheel, since you can kickflip anything it won't matter so much. The RPM will be fun squiring through the whirlpools and flatwater. But the EZG will do more downriver tricks and be more fun in the breaking stuff.

I took a squirt boat once and loved it! Big squirt boat should be considered! Took a bigger 'river runner' next time and what a waste. Didn't surf much the shorter boats didn't catch and couldn't do anything like I was used to on the ones I did catch.

I rode the rafts a lot...so the flatwater wasn't so bad.

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