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Which is worse?

Doing a wet exit on a run if you can't get a roll.


Not paddling at all and sitting on the couch with the remote watching porn or worse the playstation.

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I've done a wet exit and wished I was on the couch,so I guess it depends on the situation...LOL,I agree swim your ass off who cares as long as your out there getting it done...
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It took me 5 (yes, 5!) years to get my roll in the lake!!! and I had decided that I wouldn't go on the river again until I got my roll. Finally I tried again, still without a roll. I got good at my brace and learned that it is NOT necessary to have a roll to be a kayaker! If you have a good brace and you're good at reading the water, you rarely swim anyway.

I've paddled regularly without a river roll since 2002, and I'm good on most easier class 3 rivers.

That being said, I hear that having a river roll dramatically increases conficence level in the river. I can see that. I look forward to the time (THIS season dang it) that I can know this from experience.

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I have about a good dozen non-consistant rolls in the river. Don't feel bad cause it's also taken me 4 years to get a roll down , but my balance and brace are pretty good. I won't toucha consistant Class 3 yet, but at least we have the internet to chat about the shit. Better than sitting at home watching porn and playing Playstation!!!
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I must add that its much better getting a roll down because it's very exhausting to get to a safe eddy pulling a boat full of water w/o losing your paddle. I have a few scars from getting banged up in the process. Plus, you stay warmer in your boat.
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Whether you are having problems getting your roll down, or just want to improve it for more confidence playboating, I recommend you try EJ's Rolling and Bracing DVD. I've been boating for years and never had a problem rolling, but I've been impressed with how much I've improved after internalizing the concepts he teaches and some pool time practicing them. Getting the concepts down and some practice should put not only the regular roll, but back deck, hand rolls, and a solid brace, on both sides, well within your reach. Good luck, no question boating is much more fun when you don't need to worry about swimming when you flip.

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I've read a few posts now about folks who don't have a roll and espouse that it is just fine. I understand that it is very hard to learn to roll and that sometimes, it's just harder to roll in certain areas. When I started out, I went through phases of having a roll, not having a roll, but I always knew that learning to roll was one of the most important parts of kayaking.

It worries me that a new boater might read these posts and get the impression that it is okay not to have a roll. Rolling is the #1 skill you should have in your safety plan. It is the best self-rescue technique possible. Each time someone swims, it puts everyone around them at risk. This is a risk we are often more than willing to take...because we have all missed rolls before, and we look out for each other - that comes with the territory. But if you sincerely care about the people you are boating with, you will not give up trying to learn to roll. I appreciate that the boaters I boat with can at least attempt to self-recue by rolling, before putting me in the position to save them.

Kayaking IS a team effort, filled with enormous amounts of personal responsibility.

Having a solid brace IS something to brag about, it is also a very important skill. But bracing never ensures that you will not flip.

So my message to those who have tried for years and cannot roll - don't give up, or rather give in, keep trying and working on it, and one day, it will hopefully come to you, and you will experience kayaking in a whole new way. Good luck!

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A very long, scary swim on the Fractions last year forced me into a decision. I had three choices: quit kayaking, (not really an option); stay on class II-III my whole life, (boring); or learn to roll like there's no tomorrow. I chose option 3 and spent the last half of last season and all winter rolling until I was dizzy.

The EJ video is great. Like an above poster said, it challenges you to learn many different techniques. If you already had a good brace, you're probably very close to getting your roll. I watch the DVD all the time.

IMO, the very best video is "The Kayak Roll". Kent Ford production. I've watched it probably 30 times. The technique is fool proof and once you're body gets used to the mechanics, it seems natural. I really, really, recommend this video.

Between the two videos, I can now hand roll, roll with the same proficiency on both sides and back deck roll. It's just plain fun trying to learn. EJ gave me the best advice though: being upside down is part of the fun, relax and focus on the task at hand.

I'm not saying I can roll every time now, but my new Shred Ready shows the battle scars of falling above Killer Bridge, bashing into a few rocks, and rolling up before the bridge. I also rolled in Narrow Falls a couple of weeks ago, but then swam last Sunday. Bummer dude. Oh well, win a few, lose a few.

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hmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmm

I think I read somewhere the Colorado Fish & Wildlife people will pay you to count fish while you're getting spanked in a hole. So don't be so quick to pull the chicken loop...


not kidding....it's best to have a roll in the moments of getting spanks by your friendly class IV gut-sucker... just try not to break your wrist like I did when you get to fighting with the rocks while upside down counting fish


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