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Icebox, Colorado
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Wheres the water going?

I have never watched the Loma and Grand Junction as much as this week. We are going on a Ruby/Westy trip I am not really into low water Ruby/Horsethief trips. So with the flows from the Colorado after Glenwood and the Gunnison at Whitewater there "should" be around 3290 CFS but there is only 1750 at the Loma gage.

I grew up in GJ and just remembered the canal system and thought that could be the main culprit, but when I looked at the Colorado at Big Sur i was down to 1670. So thats way before Grand Junction, so is it Ranchers, Natural Gas, Small Town taking their water rights?

What say you?

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Golden, Colorado
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I've got a Ruby/Westy trip myself and was wondering the same thing.
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I know I'm far far away from you cats, but I've been wondering the same thing too !!
I mean, we ain't getting any good water flows out here in CT either, but that's due to two years now of very little precipitation.
Even that massive snow fall we had did nothing to bring the water flows up, and with no rain expected anytime soon this will be yet another year I don't run the Naugatuck River race......
"Catch Me If You Can...."
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Salt Lake, Utah
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A few things at play here....One this is the second year in a row of below average snowfall, with last year being near historic bad, so what little water we do have is definitely being taken by those who can. Secondly, with the rivers being so low it takes significantly more time for the water to travel down stream then it does say when the guages are 10,000+ cfs. I'd imagine the colorado will see a signifcant spike in the next few days, as the melt finally reaches stateline. If you check the guages upstream they seem to reflect a rise happening and on the way. Two weeks of winter in April certainly helped the water situation, but it really just made a very bad situation just bad instead.
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durango, Colorado
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We were just on the Colorado out of Moab, a trip we do every year and it was crazy low. Like 1400? We had to abandon the idea of rafts and just do kayaks and even then had to pull them over several sandbars. I'm really wondering about the Ruby Trip we have planned for June.
So, no answers, just also concerned.
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Not to the pacific
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I'm wondering this too. Eagle River is just boney and dry looking. It may be that much of the snowpack we have came at the VERY end of the season, the high country is still mostly white, and it's been cold up high. Not a lot of melt yet. I am hoping that with some higher temperatures forecast we should see that water increase soon.

Last time I drove past the Dillon reservoir it was dry dry dry! Looked like you could walk across to the islands!

For what it's worth, it was a really boney year at most of the natural ice climbs....
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Crested Butte, Colorado
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leaving thursday morning for ruby as well......the Gunnison had a big spike yesterday into today...so hopefully that will equate into a surge by then.
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Live at 10800 in the Colorado river drainage just started to melt on Saturday . I think skier Steve is right. With all the snow in the wetlands in my back yardI am a tad more optimistic than most. Think rain sj
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Dude have you seen my front and back yards. Super green with 7 water features.

Love the Front Range

PS the Cameo Dam might yank some flow but not sure. Have fun on Ruby. Hike rattlesnake canyon if you can

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